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In an era where technology gradually becomes a part of everything in life, the world is constantly pursuing the leaps of artificial intelligence and new concepts are continuously made. Students need to equip themselves with basic knowledge to be ready to adapt to all changes of the market in general and developing themselves in particular.

In only around 2 hours, the Talk Show "Job opportunities and challenges for the youth in the field of Technology" was jointly organized by the Center of Service-Learning (TT.KNCĐ) of the University of Economics - Finance Ho Chi Minh City and Binance Academy have provided UEF students with complete basic knowledge and new concepts in the field of technology.

Students from a variety of faculties and majors participated in the Talkshow

Throughout the show with the participation of more than 200 students, the concepts of Chat GPT, AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, 21st Century Skills were continuously clarified by veteran experts with extensive experience in the technology field: Ms. Lynn Hoang - Director of Binance Vietnam; Mr. Viet Hoang - Binance Academy expert; Mr. Paul Nguyen - Binance Academy expert; Mr. Trinh Minh Tri - CEO of Hallo Win Co., Ltd. with the presence of Ms. Tran Thi My Phuong - Director of the Center of Service-Learning, representative of the school. 

Representative and experts from Binance Academy 

Representative of UEF, Ms. Tran Thi My Phuong - Director of the Center of Service-Learning gave the opening speech
With a new and quite special topic, the Center of Service-Learning and Binance Academy intend to bring UEF students new perspectives and broaden their knowledge in this growing field. In the opening speech, Ms. Tran Thi My Phuong shared, "It is clear that we are living in an era of digital transformation, none of us can stand outside this race. But this knowledge is not known to many people about its unique properties. However, we all need to have basic knowledge, a set of technology skills that are very important to employers. Therefore, we hope that the show will bring some useful knowledge to you".

For information technology major students, they have heard this knowledge and professional concepts at least once. But the way the concepts are presented in a familiar and easy-to-understand way also helps students from other majors have no difficulty in absorbing knowledge outside their major.

Representative of Binance Academy, Ms. Lynn Hoang - Director of Binance Vietnam, introduced students to a brief overview of Binance and the company's brilliant achievements in the field of technology. Along with that, the concepts of GPT Chat, AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, and 21st Century Skills are both new and familiar, and are simply explained by experts from Binance Academy through vivid examples.

Most importantly, the show provides job opportunities and challenges for the youth in the age of technological development. Therefore, comprehensive development of skills also becomes one of the important factors for future job opportunities. Mr. Trinh Minh Tri - CEO of Hallo Win Co., Ltd. shares useful tips for students to easily conquer employers: "In addition to professional knowledge, you should pay attention to other skills and cultivate these missing skills. And using technology is also a way to help yourself perfect the necessary skills".

UEF students have the opportunity to meet and listen to the experiences from leading experts

At the end of the presentation, the speaker demonstrated technological developments with a poem written using Chat GPT artificial intelligence. In order to send a message, artificial intelligence has become a very effective tool to support human development, nevertheless,  knowing how to use it properly is the only way these tools can fully utilize their strengths. .

UEF students are excited about new knowledge

The talk show ended with interesting questions asked by UEF students to experts through registration forms and direct questions. Aiming to expand knowledge for students from many different majors and sharing job opportunities for young people in the developing era, Talkshow has successfully brought useful information to UEF students.
News: Thanh Truc
Photos: Nhu Quynh