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Aiming to raise funds and create a creative space full of positive emotions, a series of workshops with the message "Drawing colors - Touching the hearts" organized by the Sketchnote for Good project of the UEF Service- Learning Center (UEF SLC) ended, and attained new achievements in this 6th operating season. Accordingly, all profits earned at the workshop will contribute to providing learning materials for children at the Niềm Tin Organization, scholarships for children in difficult circumstances in Binh Phuoc, and 10 gifts for poor people in Ba To suburban district, Quang Ngai province. 

In this series of workshops, the Sketchnote for Good project successfully sold a total of 225 tickets and achieved 10,210,840 VND out of the total fundraising goal of 10,800,000 VND. Participating in a series of workshops, students could immerse themselves in a creative space with colors, aiming to develop painting skills and visual thinking, contributing to relieving the chaotic worries of young people.
Phuong Thy - Head of the Finance department disseminated information and gave instructions on how to mix colors 

Evoking creative emotions with a series of 03 Workshops 
The workshop series focused on 3 topics but with the same goal towards the community. The workshop's themes also concentrated on the emotions of the participants, evoking colors that represent familiar everyday images, including the radiant yellow of the shining sun, the green of natural grass and trees, the clear blue of the water and the sky of hope.

The staff enthusiastically supported the participants 

The first theme was "Colors of the Sun" taking place on October 18th, the workshop welcomed more than 100 students to participate in the activity of decorating tote bags and canvas. Continuing the fundraising journey with the second theme "Color of Leaves" held on November 28th with the activity of decorating tote bags and plant pots. 82 students were participating in this workshop. Finally, 34 people participated in the "Watercolor" workshop on December 12 with the activity of decorating the water vase and canvas. Under the guidance and support of Sketch members, participants could unleash their creativity on their own materials with Acrylic colors.

Water bottle products are eye-catching decorated 

Plant pots are given new looks

Impressive canvas paintings by "amateur artists" 

The "feedback" mailbox received lovely comments from participants 
The series of workshops "Drawing colors - Touching the heart" received a lot of feedback, reviews, and it is a great source of motivation for the project organization process of Sketch members in the future.

The participants showed their beautiful products 

Minh Khang (4th year student, Logistics major) said: "I knew about the workshop information through the school's email and was also curious about what it would be like to participate, so this is my first time participating in a workshop with DIY style. I had some fun moments decorating potted plants with my friends. I will give this potted plant to my mother for Christmas. This is very meaningful to me because I tried my best to draw even though I don't like to draw and I'm not very good at drawing".
“I must say that I am a loyal customer of the project because I have participated in the workshop since the first year. I think this season's project is newer and better. I like the enthusiastic support of the project supporters here. I will participate in the next workshops until I graduate! I rate the "Watercolor" workshop out of 1,000 points" - Cam Vy (2nd-year student, Marketing major) shared.
“SFG assisted in preparing paper, brushes, and paints in a timely manner, and was very cute and friendly. Products designed by myself can be brought home and used, which helps replace plastic bags and single-use plastic bottles. Isn't that truly a meaningful thing?" - Bao Minh (4th year student) shared.
Participants diligently completed the work of art 

Thank you for the fundraising program: Workshop series "Drawing colors - Touching the hearts"

The workshop received enthusiastic support from the students

In recent times, we have been very happy to receive enthusiastic participation from students. Sketchnote for Good would like to express our sincere thanks and wish nothing more than for the participants to "bring home" some moments of relaxation in an art space, especially colorful gifts for themselves and their loved ones. 
Sketchnote for Good will continue to strive to improve service quality and carry out its mission of providing a creative and artistic space for UEF students in particular and young people in general. Hope you will continue to love and follow Sketchnote for Good.
News: Thuy Vy - Chau Anh
Image: Sketchnote for Good Project Communications Department