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Children’s Smile Project at stage 7 - A halfway journey with full of love

On October 26th, the Children’s Smile project organized a meeting between members of the project to reflect the halfway of the journey in the semester they went through together. For those who don't know, Children’s Smile is a community teaching project under the Service - Learning Center of the Ho Chi Minh University of Economics and Finance (UEF). 
Mid-term meeting of members of the Children's Smile project.
Opening the reflection session of Children’s Smile with a game of throwing balls into glasses to make the atmosphere more exciting and waiting for all members of the project. Next, they tried the brick passing game as a team - this is a game that helps understand the importance of trust between teammates. Coming to the more interesting part - "Truth or Dare", the votes revolve around the topic of sharing experiences that they learned when participating in the project and funny challenges from members. These are also extremely new fun activities for project members at this stage.
Members participated in fun activities for interaction.
After joining the fun activities, the Coordinating Board shared the meaning of the teaching campaign called "Little Things" and the orientations for this phase 7. With this teaching campaign, Children's Smile project aims at lessons from the little things surrounding the lives of children in partner shelters. In addition, the members as well as the Coordinating Board had time to listen and comment and express their feelings, which allows them to understand and develop the project better every day.

Share, connect, and understand to work together better.
In addition to useful teaching activities, Children’s Smile organized many playgrounds not only for members but also for children in Shelters and Charity Schools. More specifically, starting from October 20th, in response to the upcoming Vietnamese Teachers' Day, the project has launched the movement "Month of Gratitude - 10-point Flower". Children who have excellent results in the tests given by members of the Teaching Board will receive a ten-point flower, and they will accumulate those flowers as gifts for teachers on November 20th. This is also an opportunity for the project to teach children how to show gratitude and express their feelings to the teachers who have taught them.
The loving hearts of project members for each other.
And these are also the activities that have taken place at Children’s Smile project in just the past seven weeks. The project hopes to continue to receive the support and love of readers. Please continue to follow and look forward to more interesting things in the next articles of Children’s Smile at the fanpage of UEF Service-Learning Center and the website through the link: 

News and photos: Children's Smile Media Group.