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Heart To Hand project phase 6 - Journey of connecting, creating and giving value

Heart To Hand is one of the community projects, under the management of the Service-Learning Center of the University of Economics and Finance of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh (UEF). The main activities of the project are teaching, career orientation, and organizing connecting and meaningful programs for children with special circumstances. In this 6th phase, the Heart To Hand project is very excited to continue accompanying and working with 3 partners: Mai Tam Shelter, Chuc Tu Shelter and Ward 25 Universal School with a number of participating volunteers. family is 75 friends.

Community partners of the Heart To Hand project

Even though 5 seasons have passed, the set goals and mission are always maintained. Entering season 6, the project decided to change the logo to a new color and reposition the brand, bringing intense vitality like a shy ember, rekindled in the ashes, waiting to flare up but never. cool off. Through the logo symbol of 2 hands supporting a heart placed in the front, formed by a seamless drawing symbolizing sincere love, ambition, always stirring with vitality and expressing the spirit of attachment. connect with the community, the Center and the project. The main color is orange turning red, symbolizing the color of sunset and also the color of dawn, which is the light of hope for an open future: a new journey - new luggage - people. new - new environment. Demonstrates a never-ending rotation. The end of a journey is a calm recognition, acceptance, and openness to attach to a new sunset light ahead.

Heart To Hand always emphasizes connection and lasting attachment, demonstrating sharing, giving, and aiming for things that come from the heart. Thereby sending a meaningful message: Although people have different destinations, when participating in the project, they all aim at the goal of creating value for the community, increasing civic responsibility and living. more positive and meaningful.

New logo of the Heart To Hand project

Heart To Hand project phase 6 starts on August 15, 2023 with a series of career orientation activities for more than 25 children at Mai Tam shelter and Truyen Tin shelter. This is one of the new programs developed by the project, to provide children with knowledge, skills and future career orientations. With the hope of increasingly bringing practical values ​​to children, the Heart To Hand project will strive continuously to better improve its journey of connecting, creating and giving value.

Bakery orientation session for Mai Tam children at A Au School

By September 4, 2023, the project will begin recruiting members and organizing training sessions on teaching and communication. The journey of giving away words is always meticulously and professionally handled by Heart To Hand in both form and attitude to get closer to the mission of spreading and connecting with children in special circumstances.
Interview to recruit new members for phase 6

Training session on photography skills, training on working skills with children and the community for new members

After being trained in working skills with children and the community, the volunteers began attending classes at the shelters. With actions that come from the heart, connecting with children becomes easier than ever. In addition to teaching activities, Heart To Hand also organizes extracurricular activities for children at shelters such as the launching event of a painting contest at Ward 25 General School on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Instructional activities on making recycled lanterns, exchanges, and giving away moon cakes organized by the project in conjunction with the Faculty of Information Technology of the University of Economics and Finance (UEF)... this is also an opportunity for Volunteers get to try, learn, and experience support in new positions.

Organizing a drawing contest and awarding prizes to children at Ward 25 General School on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival

Organized making recycled lanterns for children at Ward 25 General School on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival

Heart To Hand project volunteers at Chuc Tu Shelter

Heart To Hand project volunteers at Universal School, Ward 25

Heart To Hand project volunteers at Mai Tam Shelter

After more than 2 months of operation, on November 7, 2023, the Heart To Hand project met the entire project and had its first reflection session. Members had the opportunity to sit down to look back at recent achievements together. Although the past journey still has many shortcomings, the Heart To Hand project will always be confident and increasingly perfect to build trust with partners, the community and everyone.

Reflection activity of the Heart To Hand project

On November 20, the project coordinated with its partner Ward 25 Universal School to organize a card drawing activity and send gratitude to teachers and teaching volunteers. The children hand-drawn and designed lovely, colorful cards with loving wishes, thereby expressing their feelings and emotions throughout the journey with the teachers and volunteers. pellets.

The Heart To Hand project will continue to do its best to achieve its mission. Constantly innovate, update, and upgrade our practical actions. Hopefully, on the coming journey, the project will be loved and accepted by everyone. 
Heart To Hand - Actions come from the heart
 News and photos: Truong Duy - Nhu An