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Sketchnote for Good officially concludes season 5 | Ending the journey with great success

It's not been a long journey, but Sketchnote for Good season 5 has left truly explosive marks. Looking back at the outstanding development with impressive numbers, the project has become more mature as the connection gradually grows with contributions to the community really spreading.

The first mark to mention is "Population explosion in season 5" - one of the proud marks of our Sketch family. This is a big turning point for the project when the number of members increased from 31 to 42. As the staff grows stronger, it is also an opportunity for Sketchnote for Good to organize more fundraising workshop activities. The project does not take too much time to help you adapt because the members themselves have the will, interests and determination when deciding to enter this shared house. Through many moments of working together, the project gradually becomes a family where each member can comfortably be themselves.

The connection is seen more clearly through the comfortable smiles in the Reflection session at the end of season 5

Accompanying each other throughout the activities of season 5, each member has their own contemplations and other thoughts and feelings. And that heart was voiced at the Endterm Reflection session on June 20. Tuan, a member of the communications committee, shared: "When participating in the project, Tuan received many things in return and also gave some things away. Because I am the one who creates laughter for the project, sometimes I feel exhausted and lose energy because of the members' tolerance. However, I received happiness back, kept beautiful memories of my student years, and learned useful lessons at the Sketchnote for Good home." Quynh Nhu, leader of the Color Team, shared: "Our Color Team has had a period of stagnation and has only been active in recent months. But when everyone comes to Cau Kho ward to play with the children, paint walls, and do activities, I feel like the distance between members is no longer an obstacle."

Tuong Vy, a member of the Sketch team and also a trainee coordinator, shared that: "Even though there were some internal problems that led to work delays during the operation, we worked together during the time." end of season points to complete the goal. At the same time, I feel cared for when I receive support from the coordination board. This season, I also had the opportunity to interact with Ms. Dung from the Faith organization, from which I understood what she and I were building together, and truly felt like I made the right choice in joining the project. In addition, through the position of trainee coordinator, I also learned to look at the human soul, listen to people's confides, experience their feelings, learn from them, and help them solve problems. Learning to become a project secretary not only equips me with experience that I can apply later, but also makes my work more meaningful."
An activity session of the project Super artificial super yard with children in Cau Kho ward

In this season 5, the Sketchnote for Good project is honored to accompany and work with 4 partners: Trust Foundation, Tin Tin Shelter, MSD United Way Vietnam and Cau Kho Ward. Together, we have built and completed 16 specialized poetry books for children with mental retardation. At the same time, Sketch house also organized 4 fundraising workshops with a total number of 259 students participating. Profits are used to contribute money to the Truyen Tin Shelter, along with activities to redesign the playground in Cau Kho ward such as painting walls, recycling and planting trees with the children. What makes us feel more successful and happy is seeing the beautiful smiles of the students participating in the activity and of the children at Cau Kho. Those smiles are so beautiful, they make us feel that the hard work is worth it. From the success of these activities, we have more motivation to try harder in the coming time.

Our Sketchers together support the students participating in the Workshop

In more detail about our fundraising workshops, this Sketchnote For Good journey in season 5 is linked to a series of workshops called "Spring Trees Writing Love Stories". The beginning of the series of activities is a program called "Drawing Sprouts", lovely sprouts planted in beautiful terracotta pots decorated by cute students. Following that, colorful pen wallets were born from the hands of UEFer's artists participating in the "Drawing and Writing" workshop. In particular, in response to Earth Environment Day, beautiful sprouts and terracotta pots returned with an activity called 'Drawing stories'. And that is also the closing show for the colorful season 5 of the project. Throughout the series of workshops, the Sketchnote for good project has always tried to accompany and support the participants, and at the same time, with everyone's attention, meticulousness and community love, we have recognized get a lot of great finished products.

The first Teambuilding session aimed at connecting Sketch family members at the Zoo and Botanical Garden on June 24

All members have tried their best to complete the goals. Partners are the bridge that helps the project bring value to the right people who need it. The students participating in the workshop are the backbone for us to raise funds to give love. Therefore, Sketchnote for Good season 5 would like to thank you for your follow-up and support during the journey of many changes as well as all the silent support. 

The members received certificates of excellent completion of the season 5 project goals

Closing a journey filled with success and happiness, our Sketch family brings the hope that the next journey will create more value for the community. It will be even happier if there is a follow and support to spread love to your community, so don't forget to update the latest news from Sketch family.
Writing news: Kieu Trang, Thanh Xuan, My Huyen
Image: Sketchnote for Good project communications department