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Sketchnote For Good to review the fundraising behavior “The tree sprouts write a love story”

"I would like to invite the last passengers on Sketchnote for Good flight SFG 05 to go to the happy domain, please hurry to gate 5 to depart..."
Sand wings in March, the flight number "SFG 05" successfully landed in June, spreading love to the community through many meaningful activities.The journey of "Sprouts write love stories" after 3 stages of the workshop: Drawing sprouts - Drawing writing - Drawing stories has planted green seeds for life, closing the 5th season brilliantly, leaving behind tender buds. One day not far away, there will be shade covering the whole road…
Something about the Sketch house and the journey we're on

As one of many projects under the Service Learning Center - UEF, Sketchnote for Good (SFG) was established with the mission of bridging non-profit organizations with groups in need through widespread drawings. positive value to the community.
Back in season 5, Sketchnote for Good organizes a series of workshops "Sprouts write love stories", to raise funds to contribute money to the Mái ấm Truyền Tin- a charity that nurtures disadvantaged children. The time is used for redesigning the children's play area in Cau Kho ward - District 1, and implementing other community activities.
Reviewing the fundraising journey for 3 consecutive months
Thuy Duong - Head of the Project Coordination Committee introduced the workshop
The workshop attracts students to participate
First milestone: Painting sprouts - workshop on painting decorations on terracotta pots

With the desire to spread the green space to everywhere, from living, studying to working places, the Sprout painting workshop held on April 18 was crowded with the participation of 50 students. Paint your personal brand on stone lotus flower pots.
A series of beautiful sprouts are waiting to be sprouted

Students enjoy drawing decorations on terracotta pots at the Sprout Drawing workshop
Second milestone: Drawing and writing - decorative painting workshop on canvas pencil case

On May 9, under the skillful hands of the workshop attendees, the original simple wallets were transformed into shimmering colors, with a very unique quality.
Students hand-drawn their favorite images

You are proud to own the Mascot written with "102"
Third milestone: Story drawing - decorative drawing workshop on terracotta pots

At the workshop taking place on June 6, many more beautiful little flower floats were decorated and covered with their new shirts, ready for the process of nurturing small seedlings.
UEFers focus on points for their pots

The pots of "love" are completed and packed in turn to take home
Participants receive color mixing instructions from Sketch family support members 
“Sweet fruit” from the journey of drawing and sharing happiness

The workshop series "Sprouts write love stories" ends, earning a total of 6,726,010 VND from 150 tickets sold, using 56% of the difficult target. By accumulating experience in the past journey, we will try to improve the quality of the following activities so that we can achieve many more iconic numbers.

Not only aiming at fundraising, the workshop is also an opportunity for students to practice creative skills, practical thinking and responsibility as young citizens in contributing to building the community. With many positive feedback from participants, it is a great source of motivation for us to develop the project. Thuy Quynh shared: "I feel very happy to participate in such a chill and meaningful workshop, to contribute to creating positive values ​​for society"...

Through "Sprouts write love stories", Sketchnote for Good hopes that UEFers in particular and young people in general will join hands to cultivate and replicate, "paint" more green colors for the Earth, and maintain green living habits in life. community, towards building a sustainable lifestyle.

With Sketchnote for Good, painting is a form of self-expression, nurturing the soul and perfecting creative thinking. Therefore, the project always tries to create more interesting and useful activities, contributing to young people to develop a more beautiful community.

Sketch House would like to thank all the students who participated and supported the workshop series "Sprouts write love stories". Through spiritual food is painting, we are happy to have brought UEFers more joy with a relaxing time. We are more proud to have the opportunity to create together with you items that are used in everyday life, although they are simple but full of meaning. Hopefully there will be the participation of students in upcoming fundraising activities from Sketch house!
Write news: Thuy Vy, Hoang My
Photo: Sketchnote for Good Project Communications Department