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Students participating Young Parliament simulation forum are trained in solution design thinking

On October 14, young parliamentarians from the Young Parliamentary Simulation Forum - Mekong 2023 Program (VNYP-Mekong 2023) had a training session on innovation process and thinking to design useful and exciting solutions. The activity is jointly implemented by the Center of Service-Learning (TT.KNCĐ) of UEF. TT.KNCĐ is also a co-organizing partner of VNYP-Mekong 2023.

Young parliamentarians are guided by MSc. Tran Thi My Phuong - Director of Center of Service-Learning and Ms. Huynh Kim Phung - Employee of Center of Service-Learning.

Two trainers instruct young parliamentarians on the innovation process and solution design thinking

Through suggestive and interactive activities, young parliamentarians learn an overview of the innovation process including 5 steps: identifying problems, developing and selecting ideas, building and sketching models, testing and improving, deploying models. In turn, many discussion sessions were led to provide in-depth training on phase 1-identifying the problem and introducing a series of methods such as "Stakeholder Diagram", "Problem Tree", or determining "User Portrait”. Here, young parliamentarians understood the importance of empathizing with the concerns of those who benefit from solutions and policies, from which they had more basis to propose most appropriate and realistic initiatives.

Young parliamentarians actively listen and focus on practice
In phase 2-Developing ideas, young parliamentarians can come up with ideas for solutions/initiatives, identify and select suitable ideas, as well as describe ideas in detail and research ideas of the subcommittee in reality. It is known that at the VNYP - Mekong 2023 program, each subcommittee must propose policies that have received comments from three simulated meetings to vote together and approve policy proposals to be included in the Youth Action Manifesto for the Mekong region's climate. The subcommittees will also present innovative initiatives to the Organizing Committee and the entire Parliament.


Students share the results of their discussions after each tool throughout the training session
 Young parliamentarians will continue to work with companions of the forum to continue to provide useful solutions around the topics: Energy Transition; Managing and Protecting water resources; Agriculture adapted to climate change corresponds to: the Upper Mekong River region; Lower Mekong River region; Southeast region.
The Mekong Youth Conference and summary of Gala will be held in An Giang this coming November

Completing the training program on Innovation Process and Solution Design Thinking, there is a belief that young parliamentarians have acquired useful knowledge and skills to apply appropriately, not only the proposal process subcommittee solutions, but can also solve any problems they are concerned about.
The Young Parliamentary Simulation Forum - Mekong 2023 Program is sponsored by the Green Youth Labs Initiative Fund with support from the Ministry of Economics and Climate Action of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Ministry of Environment and Nuclear Safety of the Federal Republic of Germany, the International Climate Initiative (IKI), the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), the Research Center for Adaptive Capacity Building (CAB), and the Creative Innovation Program UNLEASH, the US Consulate with the sponsorship and co-organization of the Center of Service-Learning, Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance (UEF).
Center of Service-Learning
Photos: VNYP - Mekong 2023