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Summarize Heart To Hand project phase 5 - New journey and experience

Finishing a journey with many fluctuations, Heart To Hand have reached the rest stop of season 5. This may be the toughest phase when not finding out a way to develop for the project and when just starting, many troubles coming from multiple sites suddenly make this path have many challenges.It can be mentioned as the "change of blood" with a new coordination board welcoming new faces, or the regretful farewell of the volunteers who worked together at phase 4.

Thank you to the coordinators and volunteers who have worked together over the past time

Despite many obstacles, with the spirit of solidarity and enthusiasm from the heart, Heart to Hand volunteers always try to complete their teaching work at partner shelters and other activities. annual fundraising campaign. Review some achievements and activities in season 5 of the project to look back on the journey full of thorns and roses with Heart to Hand.

Opening with the project day "Project Day", a traditional "dating" session that Service-Learning Center brings. And also an opportunity for Heart to Hand to have the opportunity to find new faces, friends with the same goals and aspirations to accompany in the 5th season of the project. With the motto "action comes from the heart", Heart to Hand started a brilliant period with "hearts" sharing the same beat towards the community. With a stable number of members, Heart To Hand is ready for an enthusiastic teaching season.

Fun game to earn money at the Heart to Hand booth at Project Day Community Day

The first Orientation session is an opportunity for new "preschoolers" and old members to meet, bond and understand more about the project's orientation. Together with the coordination of the Community Connection Center, Master Tran Thi My Phuong - Deputy Director of the center and Ms. Huynh Kim Phung - Center Coordinator, Heart to Hand has an internal and cohesive space. Ready enthusiastically for a season of hard work ahead.
The first orientation session of the Heart To Hand project with the participation of the members

Teambuilding game for internal cohesion

In this season 5, Heart To Hand project is very honored to accompany and work with 3 partners: Mai Tam Shelter, Chuc Tu Shelter, Ward 25 Universal School. With numbers that may not be huge. but it's a big pride for each Heart to Hand member: 218 hours teaching with 23 volunteers at Ward 25 General School, 420 hours with 10 volunteers at Chuc Tu Shelter and 106 hours teaching at Chuc Tu Shelter. Mai Tam with only 6 volunteers. With dedication and professionalism, the members of Heart To Hand have received countless loving feedbacks, comments and suggestions from partners.
Image of Ms. Doan and Heart To Hand volunteers in Ward 25

Besides, Heart to Hand also organizes very cute ceremonies for children on special occasions such as International Children's Day 1/6, Mid-Autumn Festival,... or recently, a field trip. for students at Mai Tam Shelter to go to Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance. This field trip helps you understand more about the university environment, interact with many brothers and sisters and friends, participate in a career orientation session with Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Nga - Founder and CEO of Keyskills Education . The visit ended with the sharing of your dreams in the future, the children were more optimistic and the feeling of being heard, oriented for the road ahead with many openings.
Mid-Autumn Festival for children at Chuc Tu Shelter

Your field trip to UEF at Mai Tam Shelter and explore your career future with Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

Together throughout this season 5, each project member has their own thoughts and secret feelings. Understanding this, projects at the Service Learning Center always create special "dates". And among them is the EndTerm Reflection session that took place on June 13. With countless activities and words of love and messages from all sides. In particular, there were also confessions from members of the communication, teaching and coordination teams.

Starting with Ngan - Leader of Saturn: “After participating in 2 seasons, I feel very happy because I have contributed a lot to the community, in addition, during teaching activities in season 4, I learned many skills and countless useful things at the project, besides getting to know many new friends help me have more people to share many happy and sad things every day. Not only that, when I teach at the Shelters, I am also loved very much by the children. When continuing with season 5 as a coordinator, although there is a bit of pressure, when working with talented and reliable teammates, those pressures disappear."

Next is Tinh - Leader Mars: "During the time accompanying Heart To Hand with two roles of teaching and being a coordinator, I realized that each role has its own responsibilities and pressures. When I was a teaching volunteer, I sometimes wondered why the coordinators were so leisurely. But when I started as a coordinator in season 5, I realized this is an extremely important position and there is great pressure to constantly manage teaching activities with other leaders. In addition, we also have to think about extra-curricular performances, organize events so that they are perfect and best. Sometimes I feel a little disappointed, but thinking back to the original purpose of working together for the community, I and the leaders and other volunteers are full of energy."

Quy - an active volunteer at Neptune Star also contributed a few words: "When teaching, I understand that we are real teachers. We are sometimes the ones who inspire children in difficult circumstances at the Shelters. Although teaching has its ups and downs, it also helps me to understand more about myself. At first, I didn't think I would be suitable for teaching. But after accompanying Heart To Hand for 2 seasons, I realized this is a noble mission to bring to the community.”

At the end of the reflection session with the "drawing memories" activity, each member was able to draw their own journey. When the painting is complete, each person will take turns sharing the meaning that the painting brings.

Drawing activities and sharing memories are guided by Ms. Huynh Kim Phung - Coordinator at the Center

And finally, to close the recent brilliant journey, Heart to Hand had a report with a touching musical at the closing event Closing Day - Kapitel Ends, a place for all of us to look back on the journey together. program of the past school year.

A memorable milestone with the achievements of outstanding faces

The closing ceremony is also the door that closes the memorable journey of season 5 of the Heart To Hand project. Thank you to all members of the project for their best efforts to bring together loving and meaningful actions to the community. Thank you to our partners and benefactors for trusting and choosing Heart To Hand. Hopefully in the coming period the project will create many meaningful stories to spread love to all parts of society.

News : Hong Phuc
Pictures : Heart To Hand project communication department