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Summary of Fundraising Program: Workshop Series "Draw Colors - Get Happiness"

“Every heart, every soul, for a new dream life
Every heart, every soul, a million souls, a million hearts.”
The Hien.

So the lovely journey "Draw colors - Get happiness" ended on November 16th with the brilliant success of the series of 03 Workshops: "CASETOM - Custom your case", "CANDRAW - Draw your canvas" and "SKETCHNOTE - Sketch your note", closing the meaningful 3-month fundraising journey of SKETCHNOTE FOR GOOD (a project under the UEF Service-Learning Center that uses drawing to spread positive values to the community). This is a fundraising activity aimed at organizing a "happy" Christmas season for the children at the Faith Organization.  

Starting the journey was the workshop "CASETOM - Custom Your Case" which was held on September 16 with success beyond the expectations of the organizing team. For the first time, with concerns and worries about neatness along with enthusiasm and effort, Sketchnote For Good was really happy to receive the interest and participation of 43 UEF students.

In this workshop, students will be able to unleash their creativity and design their own lovely case with their own style and color. It was a meaningful meeting with artistic souls who felt free to express their personalities on the canvases of the "cases". Members of the Sketchnote for Good project also accompanied and meticulously guided the steps of sketching, drawing lines and even individual color points. More specifically, it is the compliments and sincere suggestions from the students that have become a strong source of motivation for us to continue organizing the second Workshop called "CANDRAW - Draw Your Canvas". 

During the CANDRAW workshop held on October 21, Sketchnote For Good was more thoroughly prepared after the experiences learned from the first session. This time, the project reached 80 students, a number that has increased a lot. Participating in the Workshop, they will be equipped with painting tools and a small canvas painting frame (10cm x 10cm). The remaining task is to create a painting with their own style and creativity using acrylic colors. The atmosphere of the workshop was very exciting with the enthusiastic guidance of the organizing committee members, mixed with the care and meticulousness of the participating students.

Continuing the series of success of the previous two workshops, Sketchnote For Good has also been busy preparing for the journey to conquer the hearts of "art-loving souls" by launching the third workshop, titled "SKETCHNOTE - Sketch your note" on November 16. This is the last fundraising and communication activity for the project within 03 Workshop series. This time, we received the attention of 90 students, bringing a satisfaction level which is 4.78/5 - a very great number for the entire organizing team.

During the workshop, students are provided with drawing tools and small A6 sized notebooks. Then, under the guidance of project members, everyone also designed their own notebook cover with their own beauty and connotation. "Breaking in" the happy atmosphere that day, we also interviewed a few students whose feedback has brought a lot of positive values:

Nguyen Quynh Nhu shared: "I found the Workshop very interesting because I really like drawing. In high school, there weren't many drawing workshops like this, so I took advantage of the time to participate!" .
Next, we met Ho Ngoc Minh Uyen with a bright smile: "The first time I participated in the Workshop of Sketchnote For Good, I heard everyone introduce that the purpose of the Workshop is to raise funds for charity to serve the community." I find this workshop engaging, relaxing and meaningful.”
Along with that, we also received "warm compliments" from Hai My: "I feel very happy to be able to participate in an entertaining activity and relieve stress after many hours of studying. The workshop is practical, I like to draw and take the products home with me. The organizers are lovely, each table will have one supporter to assist. If I were to rate the Workshop on a scale of 10, I would rate it 9/10, and the remaining 1 point would be for you guys to open more meaningful and interesting Workshops.”
Finally, Thanh Don expressed: “My hobby is drawing and I want to do charitable work. I found the time participating in the Workshop very relaxing. Lately I have been studying a lot and need time to rest and relax. The organizers were very enthusiastic and everyone created a very chillax space. I "enjoy" the food the most, it's delicious, especially the pineapple flavored cinnamon rolls. As for the color materials, everyone helped me fully mix the colors!”

Closing the series of 03 workshops with their own colors and characteristics, but in the end still carrying the same very humane meaning, which is to raise funds and be able to organize a truly meaningful Christmas season for the children at the Faith Foundation. The SKETCHNOTE FOR GOOD project expresses its sincere thanks to all students for their interest, participation and enthusiastic support of the activities. We hope that the values that the project brings will give you happiness, and we hope to receive your companionship with Sketchnote in the next activities. And certainly, we will try our best to bring an unforgettable "imprint" to the children in this Christmas season.
News: Nguyen Ha Yen Nhi
Image: Nguyễn Ngọc Anh Thư