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Summary of the project Little Children Smile 2022-2023 - Closing project “Gen Z learns from Uncle Ho”


Uncle Ho once said: “Only if the sprout is green, the tree will be strong. Only if the bud is green, the leaves and fruit will be great. Only if the children are properly nurtured and educated, then the nation will be strong and independent."

So another journey of For The Children's Smile project has passed, with the special number 6 bus called "Gen Z learns from Uncle Ho", this time the teaching campaign has officially stopped at the last stop on June 16, 2023. The project has strived to carry out its mission in teaching children basic skills and values through 3 months of operation. This is also an opportunity for students to participate in the project and experience the activities of the UEF Center of Service-Learning to equip more skills by doing community service.

The summary day of teaching activities in Phase 6 with the Coordinators Team

Continuation of phase 5, For The Children’s Smile in phase 6 still maintains a combination of online and offline teaching for children. This time, the project has successfully turned theories into practical lessons in the children's daily lives.

“Gen Z learns from Uncle Ho” is a teaching campaign based on “5 things Uncle Ho taught”, transformed by For The Children's Smile into 5 different themes including: Highlighting love for the country in children (Rule 1); Nurturing the youths’ knowledge - Working voluntarily and creatively (Rule 2); Sharing sweet and sour moments - Youth lifestyle (Rule 3); Food safety - Live healthy every day (Rule 4) and Humble - Honest - Brave (Rule 5).

Kids focus on group assignment

With the above topics through the lens of today's young generation, children will strengthen their knowledge of Vietnamese customs and traditions, learnt in a way that expands their thinking, and explores plays and fairy tales with a multi-dimensional perspective, uplifting the spirit and good qualities that are useful for oneself, bringing value to the community in the future.

Happy kids in the critical thinking class.

Crafting experience enhances children's creativity 

Along with teaching activities for children, For The Children's Smile also organizes trips to visit shelters, where children are educated and nurtured every day. Typically, after interacting, participating in games and cooking with the children at From Kind Hearts Home, the members and the children were able to become closer and more open to each other, creating opportunity for children to boldly contribute their opinions and thoughts to help the project adjust and have a better direction for the journey ahead.

 Bright smiles in the trip to From Kind Hearts Home

In addition, UEF students participating in project activities also have the opportunity to learn and improve their skills in teaching and inspiring children. Moreover, thanks to meetings and field trips to loving homes, we understand our responsibilities and values towards children and the community in a better way.

Having gone through 6 stages together, with some people leaving, some coming and some staying, the final meeting on June 16 was also the time for the members to look back at the footage from the past. Throughout the teaching journey, confidences and wishes were also put into words. This is also a special mark when the members can gather together as a big family, sing together and light up the rays of hope for the upcoming stages of the project.

What is happier than when the members and the Coordinators Team came together to celebrate the project's birthday on June 21. This is a memorable milestone of For The Children's Smile with the mission "Giving love, preserving smiles". Two years have passed, and the project's enthusiasm and love for the children remains unchanged, and is even growing more and more every day. With the goal of teaching children and, more importantly, bringing value to the community, the members will continue on the long journey - a journey with more effort and maturity.

For The Children’s Smile’s super cute birthday cake

The members of the project look back and talk together
For The Children's Smile would like to thank the members participating in phase 6, your presence and contributions have helped the project improve further. The most important is, the project promises to bring more useful teaching topics that will contribute to improving children's necessary skills. Continue to follow and support the next journey of For The Children’s Smile at the UEF Center of Service-Learning Fanpage and Website through the link:

News and photos: The Media Team of For The Children’s Smile