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Summary of the Children’s Smile project 7 - Closing the “Tiny things” Campagne

“Every new beginning comes from another ending” – Semisonic “Closing Time”


Project members convey knowledge to children from "Tiny Things"

The train of "Children's Smile" in phase 7 called "Tiny Things" has reached the last station. This is a time to look back at some positive constructive contributions of students to children over the past three months. As a project that teaches life skills to the community under the UEF Center of Service-Learning (CSL), students participating in the Children's Smile project have had valuable experiences to hone their skills and knowledge for the future.

Project members convey knowledge to children from "Tiny Things"


Continuing the successes achieved in previous stages, with the desire to have opportunities to cooperate with new partners as well as continue to support 4 community organizations including: Ai Linh School Of Love, Truyen Tin Shelter, Lasan School Of Love, and SOS Children's Village, Coordination Committee proposed and implemented the phase 7 project under the support and supervision of UEF Center of Service-Learning. Coming back this time, the project has brought separate teaching topics to each organization, this was not only a time for children to learn and have fun, develop their hidden skills, but also time for project members to demonstrate their classroom teaching abilities, learn skills to convey knowledge about the community and become source of inspiration to light up hope for the next generation of young people.

Typical activity of the "Tiny Things" campaign: Write down your dreams

With the general theme of "Tiny Things", along with the dissemination of knowledge in books were practical lessons about life. Children were taught and trained through situation-handling methods as well as teamwork skills, creating conditions for them to understand the happiness of giving. Above all, from small and simple beautiful actions, children learn to appreciate everything around them more.

First aid and bandaging activities for the injured during the campaign

Through visits to shelters, this was a bonding activity between project members and children. Here, the project brought team games, delicious dishes through every "hard work" moment in the kitchen and lovely singing on each finger of the piano. Accordingly, the children were also able to boldly express their feelings to help the project improve and develop for the journey ahead.

Bonding activities are regularly organized at Shelters and Charity Schools


As each stage passed, the Children’s Smile members gathered at the project's summary session. On December 28th, in the warm atmosphere of the passing Christmas season and preparing for the coming new year, the summary of phase 7 took place with the most significance. Through the project's special "unique" activity of exchanging gifts to bond love, the thoughts and wishes of the members can then be easily expressed.

Confessing and exchanging gifts among the members of Children’s Smile 

The beautiful memories through phase 7 of the project have left an unforgettable impression on the students. Through field trips, they had more contact with the "little suns", they learned more about how to understand emotions, better understand their responsibility to bring good deeds with the mission of "Giving love - Keep smiling".

The wool sunflower symbolizes the long-term commitment of project members

Time still flows in a cyclical flow, some people come, some leave, and some stay, but the project's enthusiasm and love for the children remains constant. Above all, the project would like to express gratitude to our partners, sponsors, as well as the members who participated in Phase 7, for their contributions to the success and value of the Children’s Smile initiative, and for helping the children maintain their smiles. Ahead lies a long road for Children’s Smile to tread. The project will continue to enhance and deliver valuable lessons on creative life skills to children.


News & Photos: Communications Team of the Children’s Smile project