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Bel Decor Recruitment - Business Development Executive (BDE)

1. Business Assistant
- Assist the Business Development Manager in planning marketing strategy, brand orientation in interior market.
- Do research on interior market information to suggest solutions for customer segmentation development as required by the company.
- Plan and implement the expansion, development and maintenance of the customer network.
- Assist the Business Development Manager in data synthesis, preparation of analytical reports, Summarized weekly, monthly, annually or extraordinarily, for business operations.
- Receive, store and report on information related to the operation of the Business Department such as: quotation, policies, monthly sales programs, adjustment policies ...

2. Customer Service
- Receive customer information, service requests. Contact, answer, consult on quality, price of service ... to customers.
- Inspecting and supervising the process of contract performance with customers to meet requirements and deadlines.
- To act as a focal point for information reception and coordination with designs and supervisor in order to solve arising problems and problems related to the contract.
- Assist the accountant in finalizing payment records, taking over, urging and recovering due debts and overdue debts to customers.
- Report periodic work to the Board of Directors.
- Perform other tasks according to the functions and requirements of the Business Development Manager and the Board of Directors.

- Graduated from RMIT University, Foreign Trade University, UEF, ERC, SIU majoring in Economics / Business Administration / Marketing.
- Have knowledge of the specific business of the company.
- Establish goals, plans and implementation.
- At least 1 year experience with equivalent position.
- Negotiation, persuasion skill
- Customer care skills.
- Skills to build and develop relationships with potential partners.
- Good use of office informatics.
- English fluency
- Work with the heart, have progressive spirit, always self-enhancing professional capacity.
- Have a positive attitude in every difficulty.
- Always promote creativity, contribute ideas to improve quality and effective job implementation.

- Work in a professional, dynamic and high-unionity environment.
- Encouraged all the creativity and decision in working.
- Attractive salary and bonus, Social Insurance, Health Insurance and Unemployment Insurance are ensured in the official contract.
- Benefits following the rules of Labor Law and Company's regulations.
- Pay rise: in accordance with ability, no time or increase level limit.
- Be a part of large-scale projects of the company with the leading experts domestically and internationally.
- Salary: Negotiable.

HOW TO APPLY: Please sent CV to email: 
nhan.tran@beldecor.vn (Ms. Hạnh Nhân)