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[Reference books for IR] - Week 11- “Why the West excels”


The book "Why the West rules?" has three parts with 12 chapters (not including appendices). The content of the book stretches from the beginnings of human society to the early years of the twenty-first century to find the answer to the big question "The race between the East and the West in the past and what are the predictions of the future?” 


“Why the West Rules?” is classified as a popular history book with an overwhelming amount of knowledge about world history right from the first chapters with a series of historical events from early societies to Egyptian civilization, Ramses II, the fall of the Bronze Age, the Roman Empire, Persia, etc. to the Age of Discovery, the Industrial Revolution and the Digital Age. 


The author of this book is Ian Morris, a professor and historian, Morris served as Associate Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences at Stanford, Chair of the Classics Department and Director of the Institute for the History of Social Sciences, and founder of the Stanford Archeology Center. 


The 11th week of the Reference books for IR project would like to introduce to you the Book Chapter Review written by Dr. Dao Minh Hong, Vice Dean, Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics and Finance, Ho Chi Minh City.