UEF Strength

Why choose us?

The training program is internationally standardized, training you to take over the leadership in careers you choose. Our practice-related training model establishes a direct connection between you and enterprises. At UEF, you can obtain not only valuable qualifications but also in-depth knowledge for further career development.

•  English is used as the main communication language in the curriculum, and this affords you confidence to compete in the workplace.
Optimized class sizes of no more than 40 students enable lecturers to assess each student’s knowledge and positively develop individual learners.
Positive  & motivational teaching methods are applied to all subjects, focusing on training students how to handle situations, solve problems through teamwork, discussions, and presentations. It is a key characteristic of training methods at UEF.
Skills Training – you are fully equipped with special skills to resolve a wide range of situations in your study and life.
Modern training facilities include air-conditioned  classrooms, practice rooms, 24/7 Internet access, the library, sports-entertainment zone, etc.

Teaching staff are selected according to the criteria: commitment, great expertise, practical experience, professional teaching method, and friendliness. The lecturers bring you academic knowledge of the subjects you expect to explore.
Evaluation of the learning process is conducted in terms of promoting independent thinking, creativity and problem solving skills. The seriousness and fairness in examinations is strictly required at UEF.
UEF superb service is to help you to have excellent university life and a bright future.