Training Model


Students are the very evidence that UEF’s practice-oriented education model can successfully develop people who possess uniquely special attributes. 
UEF students are superbly equipped with skills they can hardly master in other universities. We are proud that the human resources we supply to society are unlikely to be retrained, and that we have received positive responses from the employers.

At UEF, students will be able to:

• Advance  in a professional study environment
• Use English as the main communication language 
• Work with dedicated,  knowledgeable lecturers 
• Manage time effectively
• Proudly say, ‘No unfavorable situation can hinder me!’
• Assess their capabilities
• Orient themselves well
• Effectively apply academic knowledge in any working environment
• Get highly competitive and advance in their career

UEF students are well prepared for work and capable of 

• Mastering English to effectively start out on careers.
• Applying professional skills and soft skills to improve productivity and good relationships with colleagues and to fulfill tasks successfully. 
• Applying technical knowledge and management skills to solve problems,  being creative and proactive  to improve efficiency and innovate production in enterprises and communities.
• Making plans to support development strategies for enterprises / organizations.
• Setting good orientation toward work.
• Effectively applying technology to task management and performance.
• Identifying and controlling the influence of status and power in the workplace.

Unfavorable conditions cannot hinder you.

On a daily basis, you could encounter unexpected challenges. Graduates from UEF can gain expertise and understanding of cultural differences to work effectively and strengthen interpersonal relationships in work and life.
UEF students are capable of
• Analyzing, evaluating and understanding various impacts on interpersonal relationships and work.
• Confidently working and adapting well to the regulatory, political, economic, socio-cultural environments
• Effectively working with different teams to solve complex problems through negotiations and cooperation in order to create positive changes.