Academic Programs

Finance and Banking


Let us help you to become a successful financial specialist with great background knowledge in enterprises or banks via our high quality training programmes and modern learning methods.

Knowledge and skills acquired:

• Knowledge of modern finance - monetary management and administration, finance administration in corporations, commercial banks and non-bank financial institutions, financial risk control tools, etc.
• Knowledge of financial processes, statistics, accounting, taxation and insurance in banks and enterprises.
• Courses providing clear vision of future jobs such as: Corporate Finance, Financial Market, International Finance, International Payment, Central Bank Administration, Foreign Exchange Trading, Stock Market, Credit Assessment, Commercial Bank Administration, Financial Risk Administration, Finance in Insurance Companies, Finance in multi-national companies, Business Law, etc.

Why choose UEF?

•  UEF’s strengths in Economics-Finance training programmes
•  Access to standardized textbooks whose contents and teaching methods are constantly updated with reference to the United States’ universities.
•  State-of-the-art facilities in city centre, with air-conditioned classrooms and wifi access.
•  Small class size of about 40 students/class to promote friendship in learning and teaching.
•  Learning with friends who share the same interest in financial cycle in banks.
• English is the main communication language, so students who have not yet reached the language pre-requisite are offered participate in intensive language courses.
•  Senior lecturers with great devotion to teaching, who have studied and worked overseas and got a lot of management experience. 
•  Learner-centered as our pedagogical approach.
•  Helpful academic counselling system to timely respond to students’ requests and inquiries.
• Opportunities for internships and jobs are secured, as UEF has established strong links with reliable enterprises both national and international.
•  You can be more dynamic, confident and adaptive to working environment via soft skills lessons, students’ activities, talent clubs and academic clubs.

Any particular personal qualities required?

•    Passion for financial issues
•    Love for working with numbers and precise calculations
•    Desire for being one who can predict financial tendency to create your own opportunity  to get rich in the financial world.

Career prospects:

The recent rise of financial cycles and stock market promises opportunities for employment and promotion to capable contenders who are well trained in finance and banking. Everyday monetary transaction and transfer within the economy often orientates the dynamic governmental financial and fiscal policies and strategies.

Possible Positions:

•  Specialists in enterprises, auditing companies, investment funds, real-estate agencies, financial corporations, insurance companies, and securities companies, etc.
• Specialists in commercial banks (credit officers, accountants, accountants in international payment departments, foreign exchange trading officers), securities companies (stockbrokers and dealers), non-bank financial institutions, Banking and Finance Administration States Offices, assistants, and consultants to business leaders and financial organizations.
•   Lecturers in Banking and Finance in colleges, universities and vocational schools.