Academic Programs

International Business

Our aim is to train highly qualified staff possessing deep professional knowledge, important negotiating skills and good command of language who can work out, with delicacy, best solutions to business development, international investments and/or obstacles to economic integration in Vietnam.

Knowledge and skills acquired

•  Practical knowledge of Business Administration, International Trade, Foreign Economic Relations, and economic development in the globalized world
• Professional knowledge of International Business, International Payments, Foreign Trade Risk Insurance, international finance (international monetary economics), devaluation, risks in business, commercial disputes, international markets and market penetration
•  Teambuilding skills, negotiating skills, problem-solving skills, and good command of English


Why choose UEF?

UEF is a prestigious university that features:
•    International Business as one of its strength
•    State-of-the-art facilities in the city center: 100 %  air-conditioned rooms with Internet access
•    40-student classes enabling lectures to get a clear insight about students’ academic ability and thus orient them correctly to positive personal development
•   Intensive English classes offered to the students whose English, the main foreign language, is not up to required standard
•  Friendly and creative learning environment and devoted teachers holding an MA or higher degrees
•    Great emphasis on learner-centered approach
•   Efficient Counselling and Guidance Service to students in need of academic support including research project
•    Access to standardized and updated curriculum used by prestigious American universities
•    Internship and jobs offered thanks to the 
close relationships and effective collaboration with successful domestic and international enterprises
•   Students trained to become dynamic and confident through soft skill training sessions and a wide range of extracurricular activities, hence able to integrate successfully into the future working environment.

Any particular personal qualities required?

•    Being resourceful, sociable, dynamic, confident and convincing 
•    Being decisive and able to undergo stress
•    Being keen on competitiveness in the business world
•    Being gifted at languages, interested in business

Career prospects

Graduates majoring in International Business 
are attractive to domestic and foreign import-export companies. They can initially work as employees or assistants and after having 3years of experience, climb up their career ladder to take on more responsibilities as regional managers or executives.

Possible Positions

•  Experts in sales departments and import-export departments of trading companies and import-export companies
•   Experts in insurance companies, commercial banks, multi-national corporations/enterprises, …
•   Managers or executives in foreign companies specializing in International Business
•  Teachers and researchers at vocational schools, colleges, and universities featuring International Business