Academic Programs

Information Technology

There are technological inventions that change the world; nonetheless, their ultimate purpose is to serve humans and their societies. Our utmost wish is to train you to become experts in IT with great background knowledge to bring the true values of technology to community, exploring the unfathomable horizons of the technological world.

Knowledge and skills acquired:

•    General knowledge about natural sciences
•  In-depth knowledge about software technology, data systems, computer networks, computer techniques
•    Ability to applying IT and update new trends
•   Ability to program computer software, cell phones, games, e-commerce; develop data systems; analyze and build plans to utilize application software.
•   Foundation courses in Mobile programming, Software testing, Data transfer techniques (CTI), Advanced computer networks, Exploring data, Data administrative system, Data confidentiality, Network Security, etc.

Why choose UEF?

•    Many UEF’s IT students have become competent experts in enterprises/ organizations.
•    State-of-the-art facilities in the city centre, with air-conditioned classrooms wifi access
•    Small class size of 40 students/class to promote friendship in learning and teaching.
•  English is the main communication language, so students who have not yet reached the language pre-requisite are offered participate in intensive language courses.
•    Friendly and creative learning environment and devoted teachers holding a Master’s or higher degree 
•    Learner-centered as our pedagogical approach.
•  Helpful academic counselling system where tutors are ready to help students with their assignments and research ideas.
•    Access to standardized and updated curriculum used by leading universities
•   Opportunities for internships and jobs are secured, as UEF has established strong links with reliable enterprises both national and international.
•    You can be more dynamic, confident and adaptive to working environment via soft skills lessons, students’ activities, extra-curricular clubs 

Any particular personal qualities required?

•    Passion for computers and latest technology updates.
•   Thoughts of inventing a new technology or doing jobs more efficiently and contributing more to society
•    Admiration for the creativity in IT giants like Facebook, Microsoft or Google

Career prospects:

Never does IT human resource reach saturation point and that is a motivation for you to get a stable career for yourself, at the same time get more breakthrough opportunities in technology – a field that always thirsts for world-changing creation.

Possible Positions:

•  Software programmers, specialists in analyzing system design , data management, network administration, hardware techniques,… in software companies, IT solutions companies, hardware manufacturers, installers, and repairers.
•  Specialists in managing, executing IT projects in corporations, companies, e-commercial organizations both domestic and international