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Business Administration

Business Administration is always a top choice for extroverts, especially in the recent international economic integration. Knowing more about the Business Administration programme helps students to have better career orientation before choosing their suitable major and college. We will go through the following questions to give you a clearer view of this major.

What is Business Administration? What can we do after graduation?

Business administration is understood as the management behavior of business to maintain and develop business of the corporation, including the consideration, system design, process management and optimization of “efficiency”, “business management” via manager’s reasoning and decision making.  Graduates from this programme have plenty of opportunities to work in Sales Department, Planning Department, Management team, Executives in domestic and international companies and corporations.


The Business Administration programme of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance applies high-quality training models conforming to international standards. Students are expected to grasp key concepts and to master all management skills. You are equipped with all that needs to become an excellent strategist and manager after graduation.

Knowledge and skills acquired: 

• Gain basic and in-depth knowledge in corporate administration, marketing administration, finance - banking administration to operate and manage a business.
• Know how to recognize business opportunity and evaluate its potential to generate and implement appropriate business plans.
• Receive training through useful and exciting courses such as: Multi-cultural management and negotiation, Logistics, Business Communication, Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Risk management, Leadership, Operational Management in multi-national corporation, Human management in multi-national corporation, Accounting management…

Why choose UEF?

• UEF is one of the leading universities in Business Administration.
• Access to standardized textbooks whose contents and teaching methods are constantly updated with reference to the United States’ universities.
•  State-of-the-art facilities in the city centre, with air-conditioned classrooms and wifi access.
•  Small class size of about 40 students/class to promote friendship in learning and teaching.
• Learning with friends who share the same interest in Business Administration from all over the nation.
• English is the main communication language, so students who have not yet reached the language pre-requisite are offered intensive language courses.
•  Senior lecturers with great devotion to teaching, who have studied and worked overseas and got a lot of management experience.
•  Learner-centered as our pedagogical approach.
•  Helpful academic support system to timely respond to students’ requests and inquiries.
• Opportunities for internships and jobs are secured, as UEF has established strong links with reliable enterprises both national and international.
•  You can be more dynamic, confident and adaptive to working environment via soft skills lessons, students’ activities, talent clubs and academic clubs.

Any particular personal qualities required?

•  Passion for doing business and genuine aspire to get rich
•  Strong belief in your leadership character and ability to lead, to inspire, and to encourage people around you to work towards high achievements.
•   Good at working under pressure in a competitive environment.

Career prospects:

Demands for Business Administration workforces always rank first on recruiting websites, thus, your choice of this major is smart as it can open many job opportunities.

Possible Positions:

• Specialists in making and implementing foreign trade contracts, monitoring financial status, building marketing plans and strategies, searching  for potential market segments, monitoring product and service quality for national and international companies, or your own business.
• Specialists in Administration – Human Resources Department, Sales Department, Marketing Department, etc. of companies in manufacturing and service sectors.
•   Lecturers of Business Administration in colleges, universities, and vocational schools.