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Public Relations: A hot trend!

In the era of globalization, Public Relations have successfully fulfilled the requests of integration and usually have high admission scores due to its high demands of specialized training and English proficiency.
According to Mr. Pham Doan Nguyen - The Head of UEF Admission Counseling Centre, Public Relations is attracting more and more students to register. The quantity of students applying for this major rises from 5 to 10% annually. This is the major with the highest admission score every year.


Nowadays, there are a great number of universities opening this kind of major in their Academic Programs. Public Relations is always one of the top majors with the highest admission scores. At UEF, its admission score in 2020 was 21 pursuant to the total points of block A01 (Maths, Physics,English), block D01 (Maths, Literature, English), D14 (Literature, History, English) or block D15 (Literature, Geography, English). However, 2020’s admission score was 25 when it came to considering the total scores of 3 chosen subjects in Grade 12 and was 42 regarding the addition of 5 first semesters average scores in high school.
“A viable reason behind its high admission score is that this major provides numerous job opportunities for students such as foreign affairs staff, project coordinators at international organizations or non-governmental organizations, news editors, program hosts, lecturers at universities and colleges, etc.” said Mr. Pham Doan Nguyen


“Public Relations is always a hot trend due to the indispensable connection among nations. As a branch of Humanities and Social Sciences, its Academic Program will be kept up-to-date with the changes in the national and international society - politics.” shared by Dr. Tran Thanh Huyen - The Dean of the Faculty of UEF International Relations.
Apart from the National University Entrance Exam and Competency Exam of HCMC National University, many universities have accepted admission through Academic transcripts, which paves the ways for more students who wish to pursuit this major.

This method of admission will both increase the student’s likelihood of getting approved and relieve the exam stress.
“With regard to the era of globalization, students will face significant challenges with the National University Entrance Exam. Therefore, Academic transcript admission is considered as a good option for those aiming for this particular major. Students will not be pressurized by the University Entrance Exam.” Dr. Tran Thanh Huyen added.
At UEF, Academic transcript admission has been gaining a great amount of attention from students and parents. In terms of Public Relations, UEF will admit admission of high school transcripts in 2 ways which are the total scores of 3 chosen subjects in Grade 12 or the addition of 5 first semesters average points in high school. (the 2nd semester in Grade 12 is not included). UEF will receive the application up to May 31st, 2021.