Academic Programs



Our Accounting – Auditing programme is based on specialized knowledge of modern-day economy with connection to practical experience, professional skills and a global view, all of which prepares you for stable employment that can satisfy demands of the society in its economic integration trend.

Knowledge and skills acquires:

•   Knowledge of the legal framework of accounting and auditing, Vietnamese accounting standards and international accounting standards, and regulations on accounting-auditing ethics.
•  Knowledge of collecting, processing, examining and providing financial data and business efficiency via professional practice: calculation, estimation, allocation of the budget, administration of sales in accordance with sales plans of the enterprise.
•  Useful courses for occupations such as: Introduction to Finance and Monetary, Accounting Principles, IT in Business, Analysing financial report, Preparing and presenting financial report, Taxation, Accounting in Securities company,…

Why choose UEF?

•  UEF is one of the leading universities in Accounting – Auditing. UEF’s Accounting – Auditing programme is certified by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
•   State-of-the-art facilities in the city centre, with air-conditioned classrooms and wifi access.
•   Small class size of about 40 students/class to promote friendship in learning and teaching.
•   Learning with friends who share the same interest in discovering the mystery of numbers.
•  English is the main communication language, so students who have not yet reached the language pre-requisite are offered intensive language courses.
•    Senior lecturers with great devotion to teaching, who have studied and worked overseas and got a lot of experience in accounting – auditing from enterprises, banks, and organizations. 
•    Learner-centered as our pedagogical approach.
•    Helpful academic counselling system to timely respond to students’ requests and inquiries.
•  Opportunities for internships and jobs are secured, as UEF has established strong links with reliable enterprises both national and international.
•    You can be more dynamic, confident and adaptive to working environment via soft skills lessons, students’ activities, talent clubs and academic clubs.

Any particular personal qualities required?

•    Passion for meanings of the figures
•    Carefulness and meticulousness in any task 
•    Strong desire to understand how a business operates and uses its financial sources efficiently

Career prospects:

Accounting and Auditing is the language of business, and an effective tool for micro and macro administration, which  is needed in all fields ranging from manufacturing, trading to insurance and banking; from Finance Administrative States organizations, enterprises to non-governmental organizations. Hence, its demand for human resource always maintains stably high in the society.

Possible positions:

•  Specialists in domestic companies of any businesses,  foreign investment companies, non-governmental organizations, hospitals, schools, and training units, etc.
•    Financial consultants, bank officers, stockbrokers, etc.
•    Researchers, lecturers, economic inspectors, etc.