UEF Strength

Foreign Languages' Programs

Why is English strongly emphasized at UEF?

... as English is used as the main communication language in your programs.
• You can master English in an international standard environment at UEF.
• You can speak English fluently in public, communicate, express opinions, and share ideas with great confidence.

... as English skills will give you a COMPETITIVE advantage.
You have opportunities to master skills of:
• Reading, writing, listening and speaking  -  the key to success in your study.
• Presentation and discussion
• Planning
• Critical thinking

... as English knowledge and language skills you gain at UEF will best serve your CAREER objectives
• This is also a good preparation for you to enter a completely new world – an international standard university.
• At UEF, you are privileged to learn in a completely English speaking environment.
• Foreign Language Programs at UEF prepare you for a career in the workplace where English is a global language and is increasingly used in business and industries.

Highlights on English Program

UEF English program including several different English levels can best fit each student. 

• Intensive English Program is designed for first-year students who are not able to learn their majors in English. Intensive English is taught in parallel with main academic subjects. On completing the Program, students can gain English proficiency in LISTENING - SPEAKING - READING - WRITING,  equivalent to IELTS 5.0
• After completing the intensive English program, students begin to learn most of their specialized subjects in English. 
Upon graduation, students can gain specialized knowledge and English proficiency, equivalent to IELTS 6.0.