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Workshop series on university study methods for 1st year students -FIR - session 4


University is a journey that requires a high degree of independence and self-discipline, so each student must form a habit of being proactive, positive, and bring a lot of energy to himself during the next four years of study. next. Realizing the importance of planning for personal development in each year for students, especially freshmen, helps them avoid the initial confusion of university, Faculty of Science and Technology. International Relations organized the fourth Workshop with the topic "Setting up a study and personal development plan" - This is the sharing session to close the Workshop on University Study Methodology for first-year students of the Faculty of International Relations. The event took place at 6:30 p.m. on October 24, 2021 in an online form via the Zoom platform. 


The event has the participation of BCN. K.QHQT, the direct guidance of Dr. Dao Minh Hong, Vice Dean, Faculty of International Relations, guest speaker Mr. Nguyen Minh Hau - Alumni of Faculty of International Relations, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU-HCM and students IR house's first year in the school year 2021-2022. The main content of the training session focused on talking and answering the concerns and questions of the first-year university students - a diverse and dynamic environment. 

At the beginning of the talk, Mr. Minh Hau shared with students but difficult, his practical experience at the University. Being a provincial myself, I came to Saigon with many strangeness and brought with me the pressure of valedictorian achievement, being away from my hometown, making new friends, adapting to the environment, and learning new methods. He noticed that his fellow students had a diversity in thinking, acting, and perception towards everything around him. All of the above has caused Mr. Hau to face a “first-year crisis", but our speaker emphasized that a momentary crisis when entering his first year is completely normal, it is important to Students should have changes to adapt to the situation. Because, after 4 years of studying, Mr. Minh Hau realizes that 4 years is not enough, the feeling of wanting to learn, want to discover, and explore is still very much in him. 



 “General subject is the foundation for good study of majors”. This is the opinion of Dr. Dao Minh Hong to move on to the next content - how to study General subjects. Referring to the study of general subjects, Mr. Hau said that these are the first foundations, the knowledge is extensive and broad, but it will not be applicable, it takes a certain amount of time to absorb. This is considered a preparation to study well in specialized subjects in the following semesters. After generalizing the nature of the General subjects, our speaker has proposed ways to solve problems for our IR friends to refer to. One is, learn from your classmates. Each person should get acquainted and establish a group of friends to study together, share roles to plan review, prepare lessons, provide knowledge, and complement each other during the study of 1 or more subjects, especially when blocks of expertise are being taught. Second, regularly interact with the Instructor. Study hard and ask the teacher immediately if there is a problem you do not know, boldly ask questions to find answers from the lecturer because that is the student's right. In the end, the older brothers and sisters are the actual references, however, students should listen selectively. And one of the ways to show students' independence and self-discipline is to review the lecture of the day, ask questions to check their understanding, and systematize their knowledge - Mr. Hau shared. 


 Establishing change is a must when approaching a new environment and looking at integration from the perspective of opportunities - this is what Mr. Hau emphasizes to interact with fellow students in shaping Positive thinking about integration into the University. 


Integration is the process in which we are exposed to many new things, there will be things that make us surprised and confused in finding solutions. According to Mr. Hau, entering a new environment, we will be faced with many choices. The importance of choice is in each person's perspective, so look at changes and difficulties with optimism and always ask the question "How do we solve the problem?" Focus on the solution instead of looking at the reality that contains many difficulties. Worry artfully - it's proactive to adapt. The choices that Mr. Hau gives students as an example: go to school and work, what should we choose? We choose to join clubs, social activities to supplement our personal development, or find a balance between learning and training. Study and play at the same time effectively. If students choose an opportunistic perspective before those many choices, they will certainly choose for themselves the ones that suit their personality, ability and mindset. 


To summarize the sharing session, Mr. Hau summarized the process of setting up a personal development plan as follows: 

- Things change constantly, accept change as a way to adapt. 

- Prepare a notebook to record our observations and feelings about everything around us. 

- Self-study means self-research. 


The practical experiences of Mr. Nguyen Minh Hau and Ms. Dao Minh Hong's many years of experience in observing each generation of students have brought IR new students a very interesting and rewarding weekend. The interaction, asking questions with the guests shows your spirit of absorbing and learning to constantly develop yourself. We hope that when you return directly to the school, you will have new and memorable experiences with the Faculty of International Relations.