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FIR-UEF works with Omega+ Publishing, contributing to promoting reading culture among students.


In order to promote the reading culture among students and create more opportunities for them to access books specialized in International Relations, on the afternoon of April 14, the Dean of the Faculty and lecturers of the Faculty of IR had a direct meeting with representatives of Omega+ Publishing House about cooperation opportunities between the two units in the near future.



On the part of the Faculty of International Relations of UEF, there were the participation of: Dr. Tran Thanh Huyen - Dean, Dr. Dao Minh Hong – Vice Dean and MSc. Nguyen The Phuong – Lecturer.

On behalf of Omega+, there are Ms. Tran Hoai Phuong - Managing Director and Ms. Trinh Thi Ai Sa - Head of Sales and Marketing Department.

At the beginning of the meeting, the representative of Omega + Publishing House gave a brief introduction about Omega +. Currently, Omega Vietnam Book Joint Stock Company focuses on 6 main bookcases: Vietnamese cultural history through Francophone documents, World history, Science (Nature, Humanities), Classics, Art and Celebrities. Omega+'s goal is to publish valuable publications with high knowledge content; develop activities related to publishing and spreading useful knowledge to the community; thereby, contributing their way to the general development of society.

Next, Dr. Tran Thanh Huyen, Dean of Faculty of International Relations, introduced activities to promote reading culture of IR - UEF students according to the following main points:

- The Faculty of International Relations has an IRC Announcer Club - a support unit for students' online and offline academic activities, specifically: updating news, introducing new books, reviewing books, movies related to the subjects of the faculty.

- On the faculty side, the Faculty has built its own Library, which collects books according to main fields such as Politics, History, Diplomacy, Law and continuously updates new books on the Faculty's fanpage.

- Faculty, faculty and staff have implemented the project "Reference Books for IR Students" to introduce books related to students' subjects, and at the same time provide analysis and perspectives. academic and in-depth.

- During the teaching process, the lecturers have guided students on how to approach the content of the reading passages, textbooks, reference books, and follow the outline content.

Stemming from efforts to form and promote a reading culture for students, the Faculty of International Relations and Omega+ Publishing House have reached an agreement on the form of cooperation in the coming time as follows:

- On the part of the Faculty of International Relations: the Faculty became a partner of Omega+, contributing professional opinions to the process of publishing new books related to Omega+'s International Relations; Compiling and translating textbooks specializing in International Relations with the support of Omega+ Publishing House on publishing procedures; Carrying out a series of monthly online book introduction events for students; Building a Reading Club, based on a movie adaptation of a book, to inspire students to read.

- On the side of Omega+ Publishing House: Sponsor books for the faculty in book introduction activities, incentives when buying books for students; Supporting the building of a bookcase specializing in International Relations for the Faculty of International Relations at UEF, aiming to expand the building of Omega+ book corners for University Libraries in order to spread the love of students to the Publishing House. and Omega+'s academic standing.

At the end of the meeting, the Faculty of International Relations and Omega+ Publishing House visited the Faculty's Library and presented the Political History book to the faculty by Francis Fukuyama.


Hopefully, the working session has opened up many opportunities to access books, spread reading culture and love for books to IR students in particular and UEF in general.