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UEF works with NCUT to increase opportunities for bilateral exchange


AUGUST 28 – UEF International Institute welcomed and held a working session with the delegation of the National Chin-Yi University of Technology (NCUT, Taiwan). Thus, in the near future, more opportunities for collaboration in academic exchange and internship programs will be expanded for students from both institutions. The international delegation also had the opportunity to tour UEF's campus and experience its facilities during their visit.

The delegation from Taiwan was warmly received by Ms. Huynh Tu Anh - Deputy Director of UEF International Institute with faculty members from UEF International Institute and the Faculty of Languages and International Cultures.

Distinguished guests from NCUT included Mr. Chang Thing Yuan - Vice Dean, College of Management; Mr. Huang Chun Ming - Chair, Department of Information Management; Mr. Weng Kou Linag, Mr. Wang Ching Lin, Mr. Chun Liang Tung, and Mr. Liu Ying Chieh - Professors, Department of Information Management; along with over 40 undergraduate and graduate students.

Welcoming the Taiwanese delegation, UEF aims to strengthen their educational partnership

In her welcoming speech, Ms. Huynh Tu Anh shared an overview of UEF, covering aspects from educational facilities to educational quality and current academic curricula. She also emphasized and clarified UEF's noteworthy international programs that have been implemented to help students broaden their learning opportunities and enhance their expertise on a global scale.

Ms. Huynh Tu Anh introduced UEF and the UEF International Institute’s activities

A brief video and presentation on NCUT were also provided in response by representatives of the foreign delegation. Accordingly, this institution specializes in developing professionals in the fields of science and technology. With its current four training departments, NCUT annually produces thousands of top-notch graduates and higher education students for the labor market. Additionally, a large number of international students participate in study and exchange programs at NCUT every year.

The NCUT representative gave more details about their university and international programs 

The NCUT representative added that there were many Vietnamese international students currently studying at their institution. They also presented an introductory video produced by these students. As insiders at the university, the students offered a panoramic vision of life at NCUT, covering living spaces, learning environments, dormitories, and high-quality academic programs in various fields. Thanks to this partnership opportunity, UEFers will soon have the chance to visit NCUT for exchanges and experiences.

The international delegation showed significant interest and posed various questions to UEF regarding the university's current academic programs. The UEF representatives also shared more detailed information with the students from NCUT. Hopefully, UEFers will soon reunite with their Taiwanese students for an upcoming exchange.

Warm gestures of gratitude and anticipation for successful bilateral collaborations in the future

Following the working session and the discussion of potential cooperation, the international delegation went on a tour around the UEF campus. This visit allowed them to witness the university's commitment to enhancing the quality of education and prioritizing practical experiences and skill development for students.

The working session between UEF and the delegation from NCUT took place successfully. We hope that, with this cordial handshake, both parties will soon promote more exchange activities and develop new educational initiatives, connecting students from both institutions and broadening their horizons.


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