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Abbey Road Summer Fellowahips and Scholarships

Abbey Road offers various partial summer fellowships and scholarships annually to its summer programs. See below for a description of this year’s summer fellowship and partial scholarship opportunities.

Summer Fellowships

$500 Level: Summer Enrichment Fellowships 
Summer Enrichment Fellowships are Abbey Road’s most popular Student Ambassador award. Designed to promote study abroad and cross-cultural awareness through student stories and images, fellowship recipients are given a personal program blog to update during the summer, cataloging their program experiences. Outstanding contributors are profiled and their work showcased on the Abbey Road website. Abbey Road awards 3-5 Summer Enrichment Fellowships per summer program. 

Summer Scholarships 
$1,000 Level: Summer Scholarships 
Abbey Road offers five $1,000 student scholarships annually, one in each of the categories listed below. Scholarship categories are divided by language and academic subject and scholarship recipients must demonstrate outstanding academic performance and commitment to their chosen subject at the time of application. Students must be sure the Student Scholarship they are applying for is applicable to their Abbey Road program of interest. 
• French Language Scholarship: Aix-en-Provence, Nice, St-Laurent-du-Var
• Spanish Language Scholarship: Cádiz, Barcelona 
• Italian Language/Cultural Studies Scholarship: Florence
• Studio Art/Art History Scholarship: Barcelona, Florence 
• International Studies Scholarship: Leadership Academy, Modern Civilization, Western Civilization 

In order to be considered for a Summer Fellowship or Scholarship, you must be a high school student aged 14-18 who demonstrates high academic and extracurricular performance in the field for which you are applying. A competitive overall G.P.A, strong grades in the subject related to the scholarship or program of interest and involvement in extracurricular and after-school cultural/leadership activities are all examples of high academic and extracurricular performance. 

Instructions for Application 
Before completing the application, please read the details and requirements related to Student Ambassador Summer Fellowships and Scholarships. Applications, photos, transcripts and personal statements must be uploaded directly to the Abbey Road Programs website. Letters of recommendation and language evaluations must be sent directly from the evaluator/referrer to Abbey Road via e-mail, fax or U.S. post. For step-by-step instructions on applying to this scholarship, click here

Personal Statement
Along with your Student Ambassador application, please include a personal statement. Personal statements should be no longer than two pages, doubled spaced in 10 or 12pt Times New Roman font, and include the following information:
• Your reasons for applying for a fellowship or scholarship 
• Academic strengths and challenges 
• Any applicable internship/leadership/work experience or volunteer activities 
• Your future academic and career plans, including an explanation of how a fellowship or scholarship and participation in an Abbey Road summer program will support these plans
• The reasoning you used to determine your preferred summer program choice
• Any other information you feel the Scholarship Committee should know
All applicants are required to upload a recent photograph, taken within the past year, along with their application. 

Academic Transcript 
All applicants must upload an official transcript along with their application. 

Foreign Language Evaluation 
If you are applying to the one of the following scholarships: Spanish Language Scholarship, French Language Scholarship, or Italian Language Scholarship you must include a Foreign Language Evaluation with your application. The evaluation must be completed by a language teacher who has supervised your work in the target language. 

Recommendation Form: $500 Summer Fellowships Student Ambassador
$500 Fellowship applicants are not required to submit an academic recommendation or personal recommendation with their fellowship application. Summer Fellowship applicants are only required to submit the Student Ambassador application, academic transcript, recent photo and personal statement. 

Recommendation Form: $1,000 Summer Scholarships
All $1,000 Summer Scholarship applicants are required to submit 1 letter of academic recommendation completed by an instructor or academic advisor who has supervised your work in the scholarship category for which you are applying. 

Deadlines for Submission 
Summer Fellowships: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through June 1st and awards are given on a first come, first served basis. As such, interested students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.
Summer Scholarships: All applications, transcripts, photos, recommendations and personal statements must be received by Abbey Road prior to April 1st. 

Please follow instructions carefully as incomplete or late applications will not be considered. Fellowship recipients are notified within 1 month of application. Scholarship recipients and finalists (when applicable) will be notified by the Scholarship Committee by April 15. Scholarship recipients will be given until May 1 to accept or decline their scholarship award.

Contact Details 
Please direct all language evaluations and letters of recommendation along with any inquiries to: 
Abbey Road Student Ambassador Scholarship Program 
8266 Fountain Avenue, Suite B 
West Hollywood, CA 90046 
Telephone: 1-888-462-2239 
E-mail: info@goabbeyroad.com