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The Naveen Jindal Young Global Research Fellowship Program - O.P. Jindal Global University, India

The Naveen Jindal Young Global Research Fellowship Program offers a comprehensive three-month fully funded residential opportunity, designed to host promising Ph.D students and young esteemed faculty members representing diverse disciplines from around the world. The fellowship program is a one-year program with a three-month on-campus residency. During the on-campus residency, JGU will provide food and accommodation for the selected fellows. The primary objective of this program is to cultivate a dynamic intellectual environment wherein participants can actively participate in cross-disciplinary dialogues, collaborative research endeavors, teaching initiatives, and the development of innovative projects.

Through this fellowship program, we aspire to foster a vibrant community of scholars who are committed to exploring new horizons of knowledge and advancing the boundaries of interdisciplinary research. By facilitating meaningful interactions and collaborations, we aim to empower participants to leverage their collective expertise towards addressing complex global challenges and contributing to the advancement of their respective fields.

Application Link: [Fellowship Program Application]

Online Application Deadline: March 27th to April 22nd, 2024.

Eligibility Criteria: 
Have a recognised undergraduate or post graduate degree in any discipline from a potential partner university. 
Candidates must be under the age of 42 years.
Candidates must demonstrate rigorous interest in research and publications

Key Features of the Research Fellowship Programme include:

1. Collaborative Research: Participants will convene to form interdisciplinary teams, engaging in collaborative research endeavors. These projects will serve as catalysts for participants to expand their research horizons, encouraging diversification within their respective areas of study and offering innovative solutions to complex research challenges. Through this collaborative framework, participants will have the opportunity to leverage diverse perspectives and expertise, fostering a rich environment conducive to the exploration of novel ideas and the development of impactful solutions to research problems.

2. Innovation Building: Participants will have the privilege of attending research workshops facilitated by eminent experts across diverse fields. These workshops will encompass a wide array of topics, including research methodology, academic writing, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Through these sessions, participants will be exposed to cutting-edge ideas and encouraged to embrace a culture of innovation. The workshops are designed to equip participants with essential skills and insights necessary for advancing their research endeavors, fostering a spirit of intellectual curiosity and excellence within the community.

3. Mentorship: Under the program, each participant will receive comprehensive supervision from a senior faculty member at JGU. Additionally, participants will be afforded the opportunity to extend guidance and support to fellow students and program participants. Mentors will play a pivotal role in assisting participants in refining their research concepts, addressing academic obstacles, and preparing for future career pathways. This mentorship framework is designed to foster a nurturing environment wherein participants can receive personalized guidance and mentorship, enabling them to navigate academic challenges and realize their full potential.

For additional details on the program, please refer here
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