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The Teaching Assistant and Academic Support Club

Greetings to all UEF students,

The 2023-2024 academic year has officially started, The Teaching Assistant and Academic Support Club with a goal to support freshmen in their English learning journeys opens the registration form starting today (11/09/2023).

The main activities of our club include:
  1.  Assisting foreign lecturers in their sessions in GEP courses
  2.  Supporting other academic activities organized by the Faculty of English (EOD, etc.)
  3.  Other relevant activities (if required)

  •  Interpreting and explaining the content that students cannot catch up with in class when requested by lecturers.
  •  Informing the students about classroom rules, regulations, and other instructions from lecturers.
  •  Supporting students with in-class activities (doing exercises, practicing speaking skills, etc.)
  •  Handling other classroom tasks (checking attendance, etc.) and any administrative tasks (if required)
  •  Semester training score
  •  Valuable working experience
  •  UEF President’s Certificate of Excellence
  •  Other benefits await
  •  UEF students (prioritize from K2021 or above)
  •  Passionate about English
  •  Confidence
  •  Willing to learn and have an open-minded working attitude
  •  Responsibility
  •  Working records from at least 3 semesters per academic year
Facebook: For further details, feel free to contact our Facebook page.