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Năm 2019

Result Number Document title Authors Year Source
1 Qualitatively exploring the effect of change in the residential environment on travel behaviour Farinloye, T., Mogaji, E., Aririguzoh, S., Kieu, T.A. 2019 Travel Behaviour and Society, 17, pp. 26-35
2 Artificial intelligence in healthcare: A new technology benefit for both patients and doctors Le Nguyen, T., Do, T.T.H. 2019 PICMET 2019 - Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology: Technology Management in the World of Intelligent Systems, Proceedings, 8893884
3 Fast algorithms for mining maximal erasable patterns Nguyen, L., Nguyen, G., Le, B. 2019 Expert Systems with Applications, 124, pp. 50-66
4 Bitcoin return: Impacts from the introduction of new altcoins Nguyen, T.V.H., Nguyen, B.T., Nguyen, T.C., Nguyen, Q.Q. 2019 Research in International Business and Finance, 48, pp. 420-425

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