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Năm 2021

Result Number Document title Authors Year Source
1 Machine learning based on resampling approaches and deep reinforcement learning for credit card fraud detection systems Dang, T.K., Tran, T.C., Tuan, L.M., Tiep, M.V. 2021 Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 11(21),10004
2 The contribution of corporate social responsibility on SMEs performance in emerging country Thanh, T.L., Huan, N.Q., Thuy Hong, T.T., Tran, D.K. 2021 Journal of Cleaner Production, 322.129103
3 Non-English Majored Students’ Use of English Vocabulary Learning Strategies with Technology-Enhanced Language Learning Tools Duong, T.M., Tran, T.Q., Nguyen, T.T.P. 2021 Asian Journal of University Education, 17(4), pp. 455-463
4 Mining sequential rules with itemset constraints Van, T., Le, B. 2021 Applied Intelligence, 51(10), pp. 7208-7220
5 The correlation between teachers’ burnout and workload: The case of iranian efl teachers Karanfil, F., Khatami, M. 2021 Journal of Asia TEFL, 18(3), pp. 1023-1031
6 Implementing task-based language teaching in vietnamese secondary schools: What hinders EFL teachers? Duong, T.M., Nguyen, H.T.T. 2021 TESL-EJ, 25(2)
7 The implications of artificial intelligence on the digital marketing of financial services to vulnerable customers Mogaji, E., Soetan, T.O., Kieu, T.A. 2021 Australasian Marketing Journal, 29(3), pp. 235-242
8 Accessing the logistics service competitiveness: A study on four emerging nations in Southeast Asia Tran, L.A.D., Pham, V.K. 2021 Information Resources Management Journal, 34(2), pp. 29-42
9 Examining consumer behaviour in the UK Energy sector through the sentimental and thematic analysis of tweets Mogaji, E., Balakrishnan, J., Kieu, T.A. 2021 Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 20(2), pp. 218-230
10 Island effects in Vietnamese relativization: A formal judgment study Nguyen, T.Q. 2021 Proceedings of the 35th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation, PACLIC 2021, pp. 510-519
11 Adoption of contract farming for managing agricultural risks: a case study in rice production in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam Pham, T.T., Dang, H.L., Pham, N.T.A., Dang, H.D. 2021 Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies, Article in Press
12 FACTORS AFFECTING LECTURERS' WORKING MOTIVATION: A CASE STUDY OF UNIVERSITIES IN DONG NAI PROVINCE Hanh, D.T.P., Chinh, H.T. 2021 Academy of Strategic Management Journal, 20(Special Issue 2), pp. 1-14
13 Welcome to work in Taiwan! Investigation of international students' employment opportunities Duong, N.T., Pham Thi, T.D., Ngo, Q.T., Pham, V.K. 2021 Obrazovanie i Nauka, 23(5), pp. 99-115
14 Determinants for competitiveness in the context of international integration pressure: Case of small and medium enterprises in emerging economy–Vietnam Le Thanh, T., Huan, N.Q., Hong, T.T.T. 2021 Cogent Business and Management, 8(1),1893246
15 Digital transformation in financial services provision: a Nigerian perspective to the adoption of chatbot Abdulquadri, A., Mogaji, E., Kieu, T.A., Nguyen, N.P. 2021 Journal of Enterprising Communities, 15(2), pp. 258-281
16 Effects of corporate social responsibility on SMEs’ performance in emerging market Tiep, L.T., Huan, N.Q., Hong, T.T.T. 2021 Cogent Business and Management, 8(1),1878978
17 Role of corporate social responsibility in sustainable energy development in emerging economy Tiep, L.T., Huan, N.Q., Hong, T.T.T. 2021 International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 11(2), pp. 172-186
18 Energy efficiency: Determinants and roles on sustainable development in emerging country Tiep, L.T., Huan, N.Q., Hong, T.T.T. 2021 International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 11(2), pp. 7-22

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