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Năm 2018

Result Number Document title Authors Year Source
1 Ownership feature and firm performance via corporate innovation performance: Does it really matter for Vietnamese SMEs? Nguyen, D., Nguyen, H., Nguyen, K.S. 2018 Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies, 25(2), pp. 239-250
2 Blockchain in healthcare: A new technology benefit for both patients and doctors Le Nguyen, T. 2018 PICMET 2018 - Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology: Managing Technological Entrepreneurship: The Engine for Economic Growth, Proceedings, 8481969
3 Strike Settlement in Transitional Vietnam and the Persistence of Socialist and Marxist-Leninist Influences (  Book Chapter) Ha, D.H. 2018 Socialist Law in Socialist East Asia, pp. 288-316
4 The Soviet Legacy and Its Impact on Contemporary Vietnam (  Book Chapter) Nghia, P.D., Ha, D.H. 2018 Socialist Law in Socialist East Asia, pp. 97-132
5 An alternate internal credit rating system for construction and timber industries using artificial neural network: Case study of bank for development and investment Hai, P.Q., Ngoc, T.T.L., Do Thanh Phuong, B. 2018 Studies in Computational Intelligence, 760, pp. 752-791
6 Technology perception, personality traits and online purchase intention of taiwanese consumers Moslehpour, M., Thanh, H.L.T., van Kien, P. 2018 Studies in Computational Intelligence, 753, pp. 392-407

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