Student Activities

UEF’s students: A full-of-experience journey

The dynamic learning environment and practical experiences to live with their passion and conquer any challenges in life are the true colors of UEF students​
The great perseverance 
One’s university life does not mean cramming with theories but it is also of paramount importance to enhance self-educating capability. Such inquisitive spirit truly exemplifies the great perseverance of UEF’s students.
At UEF, students will allocate a certain amount of time on Scientific Research and accomplish outstanding achievements. From Eureka Prizes to Scientific Research Prize of Ministry level, UEF’s students have received huge accomplishments in this field.

UEF’s students take part in competitions 
Besides, UEF is also known as the host to many competitions such as Business Ideas, YouBranding, S-Debate and so on. 
Through each “playground”, students will not only have the opportunity to nourish their passion and talents but the school will also be able to discover more bright stars representing a promising generation.
The vibrant energy in extracurricular activities 
Extracurricular activities and clubs are the ideal places for students to broaden their understanding in self-values and their relationships with the community. Moreover, it is a chance to meet people who share the same hobbies, passion and also to boost their university life’s quality.
UEF has more than 40 clubs
With over 40 clubs in many fields ranging from arts, sports to even start-ups, UEF’s students can find the best fit up to their alley.
Various physical activities to improve students’ health.
The crucial Skills Training Programs 
As a part of UEF, students will be equipped with a myriad of soft skills. Each skill that students have earned is the results of studying and practical training activities.
 In order to develop leadership, students will partake in Youth Leader camps, field trips and other competitions to sharpen their skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, management, etc.
UEF’s students show their bravery in the Youth Leader camp
The non-stop helping hand for the community 
UEF is seen as the founding home to many voluntary programs, for example: Dong se chia, Nang am bien cuong, Vang trang yeu thuong, Xuan Tinh Nguyen, etc. Furthermore, the school also starts projects connecting communities which includes Service-Learning module in subjects.
 This kind of activity not only attracts the school’s clubs but also to smaller groups like Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of the Class.
UEF’s students actively do voluntary work
Those aforementioned characteristics have contributed to the colorful and meaningful life of UEF’s students. UEF can not wait to welcome the presence of 2k3-ers to discover and become a part in this amazing journey.