Which Majors Will UEF University Admission Cover In 2020?
Known for producing professional human resources with its international – bilingual programs, UEF will process university admission applications for 22 majors in 2020.
Kim Anh from Institute of International Education - new Champion of UEF Golden Mic 2019
Having an impressive performance which can be considered as a ‘rebirth’, Kim Anh has placed a milestone in her achievement with the UEF Golden Mic 2019.
President of Centria University of Applied Sciences (Finland) visits and works at UEF
Within a month, Centria University of Applied Sciences (Finland) constantly meets and promotes international programs with UEF. This shows that the relationship between two universities has been increasingly enhanced.
Money Tips For Studying Abroad: What UEFers Should Know Before Going International
Studying abroad is fast becoming a popular trend for Vietnamese students nowadays, especially for UEFers who, thanks to the university’s international learning environment, lose no time in choosing the most suitable countries to continue their...
UEF Law Students have an interesting studying week with Prof. Robert E. Shapiro
On the morning of December 27, the seminar on "Other U.S Law" already ended the classes of Prof. Robert E. Shapiro at UEF. The class took place in an atmosphere of positive exchange among students and unexpected happiness of Professor with the...
UEF Celebrates Christmas With Students From Brunei
As the last days of 2019 are drawing near, UEF’s ties of international friendship grows with the appearance of students from Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University (ISSA), Brunei.
The Lawyer Who Won A Case For Louis Vuitton Now Teaches At UEF
On Dec 23, UEF had the honor to welcome Professor – Lawyer Robert E.Shapiro who won a case for Louis Vuitton.
UEF Golden Mic Semi-Final 2019: A Competitive and Surprising “battlefield”
After going through many ups and downs, the Semi-final Round of UEF Golden Mic 2019 has successfully ended with a list of 12 deserving finalists.
UEF Scholarship Fund Awards 840 Million Dong to Students This Year
UEF Scholarship Fund awarded 840 million dong to students for the 2019-2020 school year
Expert unveils ‘Career toolkit’ in 4.0 Industrial Revolution for UEFers
In the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, professionalism is in fact not enough. Language use, IT, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration are as well needed. To acknowledge UEFers about what 4.0 Industrial Revolution really is and what to prepare...