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A glance at UEF enrollment in 2021

In 2021, Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance (UEF) is going to conduct university admission to 25 academic disciplines as well as make a plan to establish 5 more disciplines to meet the demand for high-quality human resources in many fields for society.  

All majors at UEF are admitted based on 4 methods: Examination of high school graduation exam results 2021, Examination of 12th-grade transcripts according to 3-subject composite scores, High school transcript admission according to the total average score of 5 semesters, and Examination of the 2021 capacity assessment results of the Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.

Business - Management, Finance, Law - Appealing majors to a large number of candidates

Through many admission seasons, the majors of Business Administration, International Business, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Accounting, Finance and Banking, Law, Economic Law, International Law, Commercial Business, etc. have always been the focus of UEF enrollment. These majors are expected to meet the human resource demand accounting for 33% of the total needs in Ho Chi Minh City. Thus, they always attract the attention of the candidates. 

In the context of a deeply integrated economy, increasing openness to foreign direct investment, many economic sectors are export-oriented, attracting labor resources, so industries related to economic, import-export, services, especially international business, are very potential in the future.
High school students are interested in UEF enrollment.
The above fields are also UEF's strong points with practical training programs focused on foreign language and necessary career skills throughout every student's learning process.

Service - Tourism – Hospitality major - Leading trends

The ASEAN economic community was born, opening up many career opportunities and human resource rotation for citizens of countries in Southeast Asia. After Vietnam joined this organization, industries in the service industry such as Hospitality Management, Tourism and Travel Services Management, Restaurant and Culinary Management, ... are expected to be trend-driven. With foreign languages, professional skills, UEF students have the opportunity to work in a modern, dynamic environment and interact with many customers, expanding relationships after graduation.

Therefore, the selection of these majors for university admission to 2021 at UEF means capturing the career trend of the globally integrated economy.

Technology, Communication, E-commerce - Conquering "flat market"

The exploding technological revolution creates an increasingly "flat" world communication trend. This is both an advantage to connect people and a solution for branding and commercial development of business organizations and corporations. Therefore, Public Relations, Communication Technology, Marketing, Advertising, E-commerce, Information Technology, and Data Science at UEF provide candidates with great opportunities to reach out in the future.

Due to the shortage of human resources in the information technology field along with the strong development of press and television agencies at present, the demand for human resources in this field is extremely large. Open career opportunities, the flexibility in the working style are the main advantages that help these majors attract an enormous number of admission applications at UEF this year.

Majors in foreign language and international relations - The key to success in the globalization context

The majors of English Language, Japanese Language, Korean Language, Chinese Language, International Relations are attractive for candidates who are extroverted qualities, in love with foreign languages, harboring the dream of working in an international environment. Studying these majors, candidates can not only work in many different fields but also grasp the cultural and political knowledge of the countries.
The modern international environment helps language majors students develop to their full potential

Nowadays, the requirement of a foreign language when recruiting at agencies and companies is always an important factor, so this group of days will be the optimal choice for future development.

New disciplines: More options for the active Gen-Z!

In 2021, UEF plans to establish 5 more majors including Real Estate, Journalism, Graphic Design, International Finance, and Psychology. These are trendy disciplines that attract the attention of students in the context of international integration. These majors are very suitable for students who have a good sense of communication and creativity, investment, and promptly grasp new information. Along with the challenges of our times, career opportunities are open with diverse job positions at leading enterprises.

Moreover, this year, candidates who take part in the university entrance exam at UEF by any method will have the opportunity to receive scholarships worth 25%, 50%, 100% of tuition. Notably, candidates who are admitted to the subjects of Japanese Language, Communication Technology, Public Relations, Information Technology, E-commerce, Korean Language, Chinese Language, International Relations, Advertising, Graphic Design, and Psychology will immediately receive a business-sponsored scholarship of 30% of the tuition fee for the entire course (independently applicable to high school graduates in 2021 and not applicable in conjunction with other policies scholarship)
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