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Many Foreign Students Choose UEF to Experience International Semester

Building a high quality international learning environment with multicultural experience has become a mission of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance (UEF). Here, students are given the opportunity to develop and broaden their vision with a variety of international academic programs, cultural and academic exchanges with leading universities in the world.
It is those advantages that many foreign students chose UEF as a preferred destination for their international semester. In 2017, UEF admitted two students from France (Cergy – Pontoise University) on finance and accounting. Notably, an Iraq student decided to apply for a full-time program on IT at the university.

sinh viên Pháp học tại UEF

2 students from France (first row) - Claire Nguyen Quang and Kévy-Mike Dokoui attended orientation week at UEF.

Kévy-Mike Dokoui reveals her reason to choose UEF to experience international semester: “I decided to choose Vietnam as a destination to discover a new culture and to know more about the evolution of the country. I had the choice between two university and I chose UEF because the course and the schedule that they proposed seemed really great for me. And, indeed, the classes are really good, the staff take care of us and students are very friendly. Thank you for your welcoming!”

Sinh viên IraqMohammed Ali Hussein – an Iraq student who is taking an IT course at UEF.

 I’m a French student coming from the University of Cergy-Pontoise in France. My major is Finance, and during my BA I have to do an exchange semester abroad to improve my English skills. I choose Vietnam because I wanted to have a very different experience than I had before. My family is Vietnamese so I thought that it was a good way to discover the Vietnamese culture and to travel this beautiful country. I choose UEF because my teacher in France said that your school was a very good one with very good lecturers and great students. As a conclusion, I’m very glad to have the opportunity to study In UEF this semester,” said Claire.

UEF sinh viên IraqMohammed with attractive casual style.

giao lưu quốc tế

Students from universities all around the world often come to visit and attend academic exchange programs at UEF.

Those foreign students are so friendly and cute, aren’t they? Let’s wait for the videos in which they share their emotions when becoming a UEF student in the next post!