Student Activities

"My School is Number One": A Fascinating Competition for UEF Students

Are you a dynamic, confident student who always want to conquer the contest? Do you want to express your feelings for your second home – UEF? Or do you hope the others know about the modern energetic learning environment at UEF? "My School is Number One" will be the opportunity for you to make your dream come true. 

This competition is to support the “2017 Vietnam Miss University” which is held by Central Youth Union and Central Vietnam Youth Federation. "My School is Number One" attracts more than 50 universities and colleges in the country to compete with 5 main contents including: 01 clip to introduce the outstanding activities of the school in 5 minutes, 03 clips about cuisine, landscapes and craftsmen made by students of the school, flashmob dance contest, “Finding Manhunt Companion” and the journey of "Seeking for beauty and intelligence". It is also the elimination round of the contest "2017 Vietnam Miss University" and is conducted at schools over the country to select 20 representatives to compete in the national round.


Trường tôi là số 1
Contestants of the "2017 Vietnam Miss University" competition visit and learn skills at UEF. 

Accordingly, this series of activities will officially take place at UEF school grounds and Creative Hub area (4th floor) on October 30 in the morning.

It is known that the introduction clip about the activities of UEF will be conducted by the students from Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management and Faculty of Communication - Information Technology. The flashmob dance competition will take place at the UEF from 8:00 to 8:30 on October 30.


Tài năng uEF

"My School is Number One" is an opportunity for UEF students to show their talents, personalities and feelings towards their school.

The "Finding Manhunt Companion" at UEF will be conducted at Creative Hub. Contestants are all UEF male students with 175-centimeter height. Candidates will perform catwalk and introduce themselves in 2 minutes. The organizers will select 10 contestants with best results to create video clip for the national round.

The journey of “Seeking for Beauty and Intelligence" for the elimination round of the contest "2017 Vietnam Miss University" is a chance for all UEF female students with 160-centimeter height and above to shine. Candidates will perform catwalk with UEF uniforms and optional outfit, introducing themselves in 2 minutes. The organizers will select 20 contestants who have the best results to introduce to the elimination round of the "2017 Vietnam Miss University” national contest.