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Spring Volunteer Campaign: Spreading the sense of community

Getting started from January 10th, Spring Volunteer Campaign has been carried out continuously with many meaningful and practical actions by the students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance (UEF). After volunteers from the Faculty of Law finished presenting gifts to revolution-contributed families, those that are in difficulties, and  the disabled,... in Binh Thanh district; and at the same time, the trip to Thu Duc orphanage of students from Faculty of Finance and Accounting of University of Economics and Finance has just ended. On January 18, the Youth Union of Faculty of Business Administration spent a meaningful voluntary day at Center for HIV/AIDS infected and disabled children protection in Thien Phuoc and Mai Hoa, An Nhon Dong ward, Cu Chi district, HCM city. Through this campaign, the volunteers accomplished many practical works in order to bring the joy of spring to unfortunate children.

Xuân tình nguyện 2017Xuân tình nguyện 2017
Jointly prepared decorating items to bring Tet to many families

Xuân tình nguyện 2017
Directly planted green trees in the children’s living space

Xuân tình nguyện 2017Xuân tình nguyện 2017Xuân tình nguyện 2017Xuân tình nguyện 2017
Everybody got together and tidied up the place to prepare the children for a happy Tet.

Xuân tình nguyện 2017
Little angels freely sang songs along with UEF volunteers

Moreover, the Students’ Association also cooperated with Miss UEF 2016 in holding the “Tet tuoi tho” program at Guava garden – quarter 2, An Phu ward, District 2. With the spirit of spreading love and care, misses UEF helped bring happiness to the little children living at the poor quarter through activities such as setting up the children playground, giving out 50 Tet gift sets to the kids... 

Xuân tình nguyện 2017Xuân tình nguyện 2017Xuân tình nguyện 2017
UEF volunteers with warm-hearted actions for children in poor areas

Xuân tình nguyện 2017
UEF students’ games are always appealing to little kids

UEF Vovinam club hosted “Spreading the Spring” event as a part of the program and brought presents to homeless people on streets in Binh Thanh district in the cold and lonely night.

Xuân tình nguyện 2017Xuân tình nguyện 2017Xuân tình nguyện 2017
The homeless were totally amazed and joyful when receiving presents from the members of Vovinam Club

“Spreading the Spring” program was also the closure of Spring Volunteer campaign 2017 of UEF volunteers. UEF hopes that the joy and laughter it brought to the children and the homeless people will help their Tet more cozy and happier. The good will and sense of responsibility toward the community of UEF students were again clearly shown through their meaningful actions.
By Anh Nguyen,
Photos: Hieu Dinh