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UEF Prom Night 2016: Perfect ending for being students

Along with the Commencement Ceremony, UEF Prom Night has become an indispensable annual event, which is considered to be a milestone of each student’s life. The theme of this year “Reply 2012” has brought all the students back to the past where memories and reminiscence of their youth are always there. 
The farewell party has become a remarkable event of the UEF family
Being held at Metropole, Prom Night 2016 has attracted the majority of students from all faculties. At the event, they have had an opportunity to experience the life of “nobility” with such impressive activities like dancing, singing, night party, “King & Queen” contest, etc…
Spectacular night with love in the air
As slogan “We share the night” – the party is a happy ending for being UEF students. All the feelings of today will become an unforgettable memory of each individual – the place where they have chosen to study, to grow up and to succeed in the future!

Let’s rewind all precious moments of the party:
UEF “Princes and Princesses” are all ready to continue their impressive once-upon-a-time story

Enjoy the meal galore with teachers and friends

Dancing brings people together

Wonderful performances 
 “King and Queen” contest

 Memorial car trip with such dynamic and enthusiastic customers

 Those tiny glasses with all best wishes


Touching farewell moments. Thank you for always being here with me.
 Goodbye our Bachelors. No matter what you do or where you go, UEF will always be a part of your study…
Tran Ha,
Photos: Cao Tân