Student Activities

UEFers sending meaningful wishes through exciting Japanese New Year card-making experience

Making handmade cards and writing on them the wishes of peace and luck to everyone is a cultural beauty of the Japanese people every New Year. Japanese people think that the New Year is an opportunity for each family and individual to send wishes of health, happy new year wishes, and sincere thanks to their beloved.

To give UEFers the opportunity to learn and experience this unique cultural beauty, the UEF International Language and Culture Department organized an academic workshop, "Japanese’s Happy New Year's Card", on the morning of 21/12.

Many students of the UEF Family participated in the workshop
With the guidance and sharing from the lecturers, especially the introduction of Ms. Karen Bando, UEFers has learned more about the cultural purpose and significance in preparing and making these lovely New Year cards by one’s own hands.

The lecturers introducing the Japanese’s New Year cards
Finally came the most anticipated part of the workshop: The simple but beautiful greeting cards were made by the students themselves, from the selection of the covers to the motifs, decorative images, and greetings written on them, showing the sender's affection to the receivers.

Voting and awarding the best cards in the workshop
The academic workshop ended in a cheerful and warm atmosphere. Hopefully, through the workshop, UEFers has had the opportunity to understand more about the cultural beauty of the Japanese New Year, thereby growing more appreciation for the culture as well as the people of the "cherry blossoms country" and gain more motivation to study in their major.

News and Photos: Kim Bang