The bus of 'UK Education and Technology Roadshow' has arrived at UEF
Yesterday afternoon (April 23) a Double decker bus - the symbol of the UK appeared prominently at UEF campus. This is a special "character" of the program "UK Education and Technology Roadshow in Ho Chi Minh city" organized by the coopration off...
First episode “UEFers - Storyteller” Radio released
After the waiting time, the “UEFers - Storyteller” Radio has been officially launched.
UEFers win 2nd and 3rd prizes in Korea in Me contest
After a series of achievements of Japanese and Korean majored students, on April 20, the list of awards of the Faculty of Languages and International Culture at the academic playground is extended by the 2nd and 3rd prizes at the contest “Korea in...
How to get into Japanese recruiters’ blue eyes
On April 22nd, “Conquering Japanese recruiters” Workshop was held by the Faculty of Linguistics and International Cultures to help students gain more confidence.
UEFers invested in English to enhance communication in Tourism and Hospitality Management field
On April 22, with the aim of helping students practice their communication English skills, improve their pronunciation as well as use specialized terms, the Faculty of Tourism and Travel Service Management, International Institute have associated...
Enterprises highly value UEFers through internships
If sharing about the internships, surely each student has a story to share. Students of this major have interesting things, students of other major openly talk about their unforgettable stories... But the important story is how enterprises...
What to expect in UK Education and Technology Roadshow?
The United Kingdom (UK) always aligns at the top option among young generations when it comes to study abroad due to its high quality education system.
“How to get a job with an International company” workshop
On April 14th, the first workshop called “How to get a job with an International company” has attracted a great number of participants.
Receptionist training workshop with experts from New World hotel
On April 13th, a training workshop about hotel receptionist was held for students in Hospitality Management to enhance their expertise.
34 contestants rock the Semi-final of YouBranding 2021
On April 10th, the Semi-final of YouBranding 2021 has taken place with amazing performances from the 34 talented contestants.