UEF celebrates new school year and welcomes its 10th birthday
Today (September 23), the University of Economics - Finance (UEF) solemnly celebrated its 10th anniversary of University establishment, received the Third Labor Medal and opened the new academic year (2017 – 2018) at the City Hall (No. 111, Ba...
“UEF in my heart”: A benevolent environment
On January 2016, I received a retirement notice from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics. To grow up, study, contribute and then retire is a common sense; It is sad to think about, but it also means peace at the old age.
“UEF in My Heart” – Waiting for Enjoying
“UEF in my heart is the name of a contest held by the Union of Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance (UEF) to celebrate a special milestone - 10th anniversary of its founding (24/9/2007 - 24 / 9/2017). This meaningful activity...
UEF graduation ceremony 2017: Impressive and emotional
This morning (July 30), the University of Finance and Economics of Ho Chi Minh City (UEF) held the graduation ceremony to honor new Bachelor in the 2013 course and Associate in the 2014 course at the Opera House (No. 7 Cong Truong Lam Son Street,...
Chances to study in Switzerland for UEF Hotel Administration students
With the strategy of expanding education partners around the world and offering more options of international exchange and study programs for students, UEF has been entering into partnership with many prestigious universities from other countries:...
English Program at UEF: Not only about language teaching
Nowadays, in the context of integration, English is an effective tool for students to be globally connected and acquire international knowledge. This is also an important criterion that the employers use to shortlist candidates or promote them to...
Universities with bilingual programs: The new trend in school selection
Globalization and foreign language use are among the most indispensable features of any workplace nowadays. This is the reason why recently more and more students are applying to international universities with bilingual programs.
Leaders Create Leaders: International MBA Debut at UEF
On the morning of July 8th, the launching of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program linking Bangkok-Thailand University with the theme "International MBA - Leaders Create Leaders" took place at Creative Hub, 4th floor of the Ho Chi...
Hospitality Management at UEF has not lost its appeal
Jobs relating to tourism and hospitality are always the dynamic ones which require everyday social communication and fresh challenges. Therefore, this major has never lost its appeal.
UEF to sign educational partnership agreement with Bath Spa University
On the morning of June 27th, the University of Economics - Finance (UEF) welcomed the University of Bath Spa (BSU) - UK to evaluate the transnational training program with the aim of signing the Memorandum of Agreement on business, tourism, hotel.