​What’s “hot” on UEF’s campus today?
Jubilant music, skillful martial art moves, fancy Japanese Yosakoi dance along with colorful kimono,… brought effervescence to UEF campus today
IEF – The common house of UEF international exchange “nuclei”
Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance is known as an international standard university of high quality of learning environment with numerous academic and culture exchanges conducted with leading universities around the world.
Fulfilling your skills with “Professional Communication” Seminar
Controlling the room and the listeners actively, attracting attention from the audience confidently with professional presentation and expression skills, demonstrating ideas and projects skillfully and successfully before new partners,… are the...
UEF Launches New School Year with Exciting Activities
Only after a few more days, UEF will welcome all students back to school after an exciting summer vacation. In the buzzing atmosphere of the new academic year, UEF has prepared a great number of spiritual gifts for students, especially freshmen....
Gloucestershire New Student Orientation – Exciting Session
On September 11, new students from Gloucestershire Undergraduate Program attended the orientation session with much useful information from which they can readily adapt to UEF learning environment
Looking forward to 'UEF Alumni' Launch
With a view to gathering all the student generations that learned at UEF from the very first days, as well as building a bridge for them to connect and support each other from which the university will be developed more and more, UEF Alumni was...
What did freshmen ‘harvest’ in the orientation week?
To UEF freshmen, the orientation week is the important ‘initial step’ for the incoming studying and training period. Let us see what they have achieved after an blend-in week.
UEF Alumni Launch: A Meaningful and Emotional Reunion
Radiant eyes, hearty handshakes, back-in-time stories,… All is portrayed in the meaningful and emotional reunion – The UEF Alumni Launch last night (Sep 15)
Impressive figure of 85% of UEF students offered jobs before graduation
The ratio of students who have jobs after graduation is always the clearest evidence of the quality of each university's training and reflects the activeness in finding and directing students' careers while they still have a seat in the university.
Awaiting for new colors in the International Exchange Friends Club
On June 23rd, the IEF Club (International Exchange Friends) of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance (UEF) had a meeting to end the first term of the new Board of Directors, certificate individuals who have actively participated...