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One more university from Canada suggesting cooperation with UEF

In the afternoon, June 28, the Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance (UEF) welcomed and had a meeting with the representative of Saskatchewan Polytechnic university. This is the third university from Canada coming to suggest cooperation with UEF in this month.
After the meeting with the Consulate General of Canada in Vietnam, several universities from this country have paid a visit and suggested cooperation with UEF based on the introduction from the Consulate General of Canada. Saskatchewan Polytechnic university has been to Vietnam since a period of time and they are seeking for suitable partners to develop international joint programs.
Representatives of Saskatchewan Polytechnic university was impressed by the international programs of UEF
Representative of Saskatchewan Polytechnic university, Mr. Miles Fahlman - International Project Coordinator showed his willing to become UEF’s partner and in collaboration with UEF organize international exchange programs. Particularly, Saskatchewan Polytechnic university was impressed by the students exchange program lasting over 10 years between UEF and Pittsburgh and they wanted to build such a program. Saskatchewan Polytechnic university is also operating a similar program in China but they want to move the program to Vietnam, that’s why they are searching for a partner university here. Moreover, Saskatchewan Polytechnic university has a Hospitality Management program in India and they also want to develop it in Vietnam. Relying on the trustworthy introduction of the Consulate General of Canada in Vietnam, they believe that UEF is the satisfactory partner.
The Canadian university also suggested developing international programs in collaboration with UEF, such as the internship program for Canadian students. Students of Saskatchewan Polytechnic university will come to another country to have their internship so that they have the chance to work and experience internationally. Miles want to organize that internship program in Vietnam, specifically at UEF. Accordingly, UEF will support Saskatchewan Polytechnic university organizing and connect Canadian students with Vietnamese enterprises.

UEF offered gifts marking the first meeting between the two universities
With the great international academic environment and exchange programs, UEF has become a top-choice partner of universities in many countries. Not only Canada, but universities and organizations from Japan, Thailand, etc., have come and suggested cooperation with UEF. It’s believed that with the international “standards” and appreciation of organizations and universities, UEFers will certainly get more chances for international exchange program, joint program, double degree and work in multinational companies.