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Plus 3 - 2024 : Pittsburgh students (USA) participate in language and economics classes at UEF


After receiving a warm welcome from UEF, students from University of Pittsburgh (USA) eagerly began their studies with enthusiasm and a progressive spirit. On their second day in Vietnam, the international student group gained knowledge about the Mekong Delta River and learned Vietnamese with UEF lecturers and students. 

In the Rural Planning & Development of Mekong Delta River class, Mr. Tran Anh Tung - Director, UEF Faculty of Business Administration, provided an overview of  Vietnam's largest granary along with its historical formation and unique development process. 

The international student group first experienced learning at UEF

Based on the geographical location and natural conditions, the lecturers helped the American students recognize the important role of the Mekong Delta in our country’s economic chain. They also introduced the key agricultural products and their density, contributing to this region's economy, as well as issues related to national food security, rural infrastructure, etc.

As the largest alluvial plain in the country, the Mekong Delta is known for its abundant natural productions, and for having many distinctive traditional cultural aspects, including  intricate handicraft villages. These are all valuable commodities which bring significant income for the locals.

The students excitedly studied a new region

Besides, the lecturers also pointed out some challenges this region has to deal with. Among them, the ongoing issue of saline drought causing localized freshwater shortages is something the local people are currently grappling with.   

The international student group will experience learning in that region on May 15. The course will serve as the first step toward freely discovering that potential but unfamiliar region.

After the Mekong Delta River class, the American student group started their first Vietnamese language class with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Thi Hong Ha - Dean, Faculty of Public Relations and Communication.

The Vietnamese language class took place in a joyful and comfortable atmosphere

With her friendly and joyful teaching style, Ms. Hong helped the international students quickly understand how to differentiate punctuation marks in Vietnamese, making pronunciation easier.

By immersing themselves in a new language, USA students felt excited. They actively participated in the learning process and successfully met the challenges posed by the lecturer, despite encountering some difficulties. By the end of the class, the students knew how to introduce themselves, exchange greetings, bid farewell, and ask basic health questions.

USA students quickly acquired and adapted to new friends through the use of new language

In the remaining days, the Pittsburgh student (USA) will continue studying new subjects, especially expanding their knowledge of Vietnamese. Practical studies at enterprises and visits to famous tourist destinations in Vietnam will help the students gain more knowledge and information about a country located halfway around the world.