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Plus 3 - 2024 : Spreading out Vietnamese culture, history and cuisine to international students


MAY 9 - After four days in Vietnam and at UEF, students from University of Pittsburgh (US) experienced many memorable moments. They made new friends from UEF to support each other on the remaining days of the Plus 3 journey. The solidarity spirit between both universities was demonstrated during the Vietnamese History and Culture course.

The course was instructed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Thi Hong Ha - Dean, Faculty of Public Relations and Communication. She took the students back in time to witness the glorious moments of history, unveiling the diverse cultural tapestry and rich culinary heritage of Vietnam.

International students showed great interest in learning about culture, history and cuisine of Vietnam

Being a home to 54 ethnic groups with diverse natural conditions and resources, Vietnam captivated international students by the diversity and uniqueness through Ms. Hong Ha’s introduction. To deepen their understanding of specific regions such as the North, Central, South, and Central Highlands, UEF’s students showcased national costumes associated with each area, including peasant shirt, conical hat, Ao Dai, four-piece garment, flat palm leaf hat, etc.

Each costume embodied the unique characteristics or its region

Savoring colorful and flavored cakes, the international students feel interested in the “human delicacies” of the Southern Region. This will provide them with special experiences before visiting The Mekong Delta River Region next week. Furthermore, Vietnamese food such as Pho, Banh Mi, and royal cuisine which reflects the imperial style and the rich story of a land with thousands of years of civilization were also introduced to the international students. Additionally, Ms. Hong Ha helped them realize the diversity and variety of Vietnamese music through video clips featuring national musical instruments.

Delicious trays of cakes captivated international guests

The special aspect of the course was that each international student was given a conical hat to decorate. They freely created their own pictures. Many students expressed their love for Vietnam by drawing the beautiful symbols of the nation such as the national flag, lotus, etc.

The creative designs of Pitt students on Vietnamese conical hats

The atmosphere became ebullient with the interaction between the lecturers and Pittsburgh students. They were very excited and asked many interesting questions about Vietnamese history and culture. Every language barrier has completely been broken down by their active learning spirit, eagerness to learn, and passion for discovering new things.

After the course, Mr. Henry Lombardi shared: “Each of us received our own conical hat, a cone-shaped and multifaceted hat which were worn by Vietnamese people since the old days. It is very interesting when receiving the hat and decorating it according to our hobbies. I am delighted to experience more about Vietnam’s culture for the rest of the journey, especially the trip to visit the Mekong Delta region next week”.

The atmosphere is full of joy, and international students feel very comfortable

“We participated in Vietnamese and cultural courses and saw live fashion performances featuring various traditional costumes from different regions of Vietnam. Moreover, we tried delicious and multi-flavored desserts. Finally, we decorated the conical hats, which was my favorite part as I can be creative with my design,” Ms. Liliana Ali shared during that moment.

Following this class, the Plus 3 program’s students will continue to discover famous destinations to gain insights into the history, economics, tourism, cuisine, and specialities of Vietnam, such as the Cu Chi tunnels, Vung Tau Beach, Mekong Delta region, etc. This journey will create many memorable memories for students from both universities.