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Plus 3 - 2024: University of Pittsburgh Students Impressed with Practical Business Experiences


In addition to various classes on language, economics, and culture with UEFers, students from the University of Pittsburgh (USA) participating in the Plus 3 - 2024 program at UEF also had the opportunities to visit and learn about businesses related to their coursework.

MAY 7 - MAY 9, UEF organized numerous company tours for the students to TTT Corporation in Binh Duong, PECC2 in Ho Chi Minh City, and VinaCapital Foundation (VCF). After the visits, the students provided positive feedback on the cultural and academic exchange activities at these businesses. 

Within the Plus 3 Program, international students have exciting experiences at Vietnamese businesses

The activities were accompanied by Ms. Nguyen Hong Nhung - Deputy Director, UEF International Institute, Professor Haimanti Banerjee from the University of Pittsburgh, and Ms. Stephanie Laura Spirk - Global Experiences Program Manager at the University of Pittsburgh.

Representatives from both universities presented flowers and thank you letters to the businesses

Pittsburgh students learn about international standard construction and operation methods of TTT Corporation

MAY 7, the delegation headed from UEF to TTT Corporation (Binh Duong). They were welcomed by Mr. Hai Anh - Project Director, and Mr. Đang Thanh Lam - Project Manager.

TTT Corporation is currently one of the leading interior companies in Vietnam, possessing many advanced technologies in project management, machinery investment at the factory, and achieving international quality standards.

Engaging in the factory tour, students gain abundant insights into the strict production processes of such large enterprises

At the production plant, students observed the entire production line from input to output. At each step of the process, they were introduced to new insights. Highlights of the production scale and the advanced equipment used by the company were also presented to the international students. 

Pittsburgh students asked numerous questions about sustainability in businesses

Mitchell Odegaard, a student from the University of Pittsburgh, shared: “The difference in safety standards between the US and Vietnam demonstrates Vietnam’s continuous development. During the visit, the company focused on discussing sustainability. The company's representatives showed passion and pride in their efforts. Particularly, I was surprised by the friendliness of the Vietnamese people. Even in large companies, they remain approachable and supportive, creating opportunities for students to learn and grow.

Gaining a clear understandings of green energy with PECC2 experts

MAY 8 - The business discovery journey of the international students continued at Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 2 (PECC2). Welcoming the delegation were Mr. Trinh Trung Dung - Deputy Director, Department of Marketing and International Cooperation, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Ha - Specialist, Department of Marketing and International Cooperation (PECC2), and Mr. Do Minh Viet - Vice Chairman, Board of Directors of Green Electric Investment Joint Stock Company (365 Energy).

Over nearly 40 years of operation, PECC2 has continuously developed and become one of Vietnam's most recognized energy consultancy enterprises. The prestige of PECC2 has been affirmed through more than 100 large-scale power projects and hundreds of power grid projects across the country.

The students continued to visit PECC2 - one of the major enterprises in Vietnam

Based on the core strengths of consulting and other business areas (EPC general contractor, mechanical processing and equipment manufacturing, and power plant operation management) are important factors in promoting robust revenue growth. With such a solid foundation, PECC2 has entered the power business, invested in renewable energy projects, and completed the commercial power generation of numerous solar power plants, promising further development in the future.

Additionally, students were also instructed to visit the working departments. The highlight was gaining hands-on exposure to the POM platform's technologies for digitizing management processes. Students were excited to learn about sustainability management standards as well as high-tech experience.

Students had a lively discussion about green energy while visiting businesses


At the end of the trip, Hiwot Wisotzkey said: "As a student majoring in Business Administration, many topics around sustainability and renewable energy are extremely new to me. Hence, I'm thrilled to learn about the business and be a guest at one of Vietnam’s largest renewable energy enterprises. Every time I visit a place, I can’t help but get more and more excited for the next time,” Hiwot Wisotzkey shared at the end of the trip.

Students had an opportunities to experience new technologies

Acquiring a deep understanding of community values with the non-profit organization VinaCapital Foundation

MAY 9 - VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) was the next stop for international students in their journey to learn from businesses. Mr. Rad Kivette, General Director, warmly welcomed the students and shared helpful information.

Representatives of the business shared a lot of trending information with students 

Founded in 2006, VCF is a non-profit organization licensed in the US and operating in Vietnam. VCF's mission is to create health and education solutions that transform the lives of underprivileged children and women in Vietnam. Every year, VCF's activities help improve the lives of millions of Vietnamese people across 63 provinces and cities. 

At the meeting, VCF representatives helped international students develop a thorough understanding of the organization's passionate enthusiasm, relentless effort, and the beneficiaries in remote areas that VCF is helping.

Various issues were discussed

Students showed great interest and constantly asked questions to learn more about the stories and campaigns that VCF has been implementing. They also expressed sympathy as well as support to this organization for its valuable contributions to society.

As a volunteer accompanying Pitt students, Pham Phuong Doanh - Faculty of Law said: "I feel that they all have a very abundant source of energy and are very active in learning. Many made further inquiries that go deep into the problem to capture more information, demonstrating a very high progressive spirit. Through the trip with them, I feel that my English ability has improved a lot. Besides making new friends, I am also introduced to the special features of my country and learned more about theirs."

These trips have provided a wealth of valuable information and knowledge to students from both universities. By visiting businesses applying cutting-edge technology, UEFers, and Pitters have gained useful knowledge and enhanced practical skills in specialized subjects. Since then, they can hone the necessary skills required for teamwork, actively learn from each other, and improve their learning efficiency.