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Scientific conference: Proposing development solutions for enterprises in new period

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the operation and development of many businesses. In order to create a forum to exchange and discuss issues related to the recovery and development of enterprises after the general upheaval, the Faculty of Economics organized a scientific conference with the theme "Solutions for business development in the new period 2021 - 2030" on May 25.
The organizers awards certificates to the authors who participated in submitting research papers

The scientific conference had the participation of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Cao Cuong – Permanent Vice President, Dr. Nhan Cam Tri – Vice President, Dean of Faculty of Economics; Vice Deans of Faculty of Economics: Dr. Huynh Nhut Nghia, Ms. Ly Dan Thanh, Ms. Tang My Ha; Ms. Nguyen Pham Hai Ha - Vice President of the Institute for Postgraduate Training and Science and Technology with the companionship of lecturers from the Faculty of Economics. The seminar also had the participation of lecturers from other universities in Ho Chi Minh City through online support software.

4 reports were presented by: Ms. Tran Ngoc Nha Vi, Ms. Phan Vu Ngoc Lan, Mr. Duong Bao Trung and Ms. Nguyen Thai Ha at the scientific conference.

Opening the seminar, Dr. Nhan Cam Tri shared, “This year's scientific yearbook received many articles from lecturers, especially young lecturers. This will create a step for lectures and faculty to continue developing on their scientific research path.”

Dr. Nhan Cam Tri gives many compliments to the teachers who participated in the research

At the beginning of the program, Ms. Tran Ngoc Nha Vi mentioned the issue of "The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Logistics Enterprises in Vietnam". Accordingly, Ms. Vi presented the current situation of affected businesses, analyzed the data based on available data sources, and proposed solutions that were considered necessary by most businesses: exemption and postponement of state management inspection; create mechanism, hotline to continuously exchange updates; strengthening e-commerce, online exchange platform; etc.
Ms. Tran Ngoc Nha Vi – Young lecturer of the Faculty of Economics

Next, Ms. Phan Vu Ngoc Lan presented on "Vietnam - European Union Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA): Opportunities and Challenges for Vietnam in the COVID-19 Pandemic". According to Ms. Lan, after signing EVFTA, Vietnam has many opportunities in the pandemic such as: expanding markets, promoting exports; importing raw materials, equipment, services with competitive price, good quality, advanced technology; accelerating the flow of goods and saving customs costs; etc. Besides, there are certain challenges such as intense competitive pressure in the domestic market, strict requirements on export rules origin, strict requirements on hygiene and epidemiology. Most businesses do not prepare or prepare at a basic level because they do not know the agreement information.

Based on her analysis, she also proposed practical solutions: investing in infrastructure, promoting education - technology - health, restructuring, retraining workers, and priority is given to the recovery of the industry that has contributed to export turnover.

Ms. Phan Vu Ngoc Lan with perspectives on EVFTA

The topic "Application of Information Technology in the Development of the hospitality industry in Ho Chi Minh City" was shared by Mr. Duong Bao Trung. When the pandemic broke out, this smokeless industry was one of the areas that suffered the most, including: the number of international visitors decreased; accommodation establishments are closed, workers in occupations are unemployed; revenue from this industry decreased.

To be able to overcome this situation, the role of technology becomes more important than ever. Mr. Trung gave examples of hotels that have applied technology to serve customers during the pandemic such as: Yotel Singapore or the butler robot of Mercantile Hotel (New Orleans) or facial recognition technology smart assistant Tmall Genie of Alibaba's Flyzoo (China).

From the practical perceptions with the general situation, the reporter gave advantages as well as difficulties when applying technological elements in our country. At the same time, it also offers long-term solutions such as: nurturing technology thinking to apply as soon as opportunities arise, improving skills for hotel staff in accessing high technology; building appropriate facilities, guidance, and customer orientation.

Mr. Duong Bao Trung brings new colors to the topic of tourism and hospitality

The seminar was closed with the topic "Short-term Solutions for Small and Medium-sized Logistics Enterprises in Vietnam in the COVID-19 Pandemic" by Ms. Nguyen Thai Ha. Accordingly, she has proposed solutions in this field such as: controlling/increasing charter capital, human resource management and customer management; improving the management ability of the organizational apparatus; building relationships with businesses in the industry.
Ms. Nguyen Thai Ha presents a research paper on a topic related to Logistics enterprises

At the end of the seminar, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Cao Cuong complimented the efforts of the lecturers who participated in the research: "I appreciate the professional organization of the Faculty of Economics. We have noticed that new names have begun to appear in the scientific yearbook. I hope that the Faculty of Economics will have more researchers and promote more professional and quality articles. Congratulations to the Faculty of Economics for organizing the seminar successfully."

The scientific conference organized by the Faculty of Economics at this time has brought practical solutions for businesses to overcome difficulties during the pandemic period. Moreover, the seminar contributed to improving the training quality of the University, promoting young factors to participate in the field of scientific research.
News: Kim Quy
Photos: Thai Son – The Thang