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[Study abroad journal] Pitt students reflect on their first Plus 3 - 2024 experience with UEFers


The 12th Plus 3, a traditional international academic exchange program between the University of Economics and Finance (UEF) and the University of Pittsburgh (USA), had a successful kickoff over the past two days.

After the welcome ceremony at UEF, the University of Pittsburgh student delegation took a double-decker bus tour of famous landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City, joined UEFers for a welcome party, enjoyed dinner, shared their experiences of the first day, studied Vietnamese language together, and learned about the economy of the new land. It is clear that through the warm welcome on the first day, the students had very good impressions of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people in general, as well as UEF students in particular.

Fostering Bonding Activities between UEF and Pitt Students

Warm Welcome from UEF Surprises University of Pittsburgh Students

Sharing her experience during the first day of the Plus 3 program, Sydney Rosenberg from the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) excitedly stated, "During the UEF welcome ceremony, I sat next to a student nicknamed Sayu. She's the cutest person I've ever met! I noticed that Vietnamese students are really interested in helping us learn about their culture. My first day in Ho Chi Minh City was beyond expectations. I loved everything I saw and learned during the trip. I can't wait to learn more in the coming days."

Owen Baker, another Pitt student, also expressed, "Today was my first day in Vietnam. I can't believe the warm welcome we received from UEF. The university played music, gave us beautiful flower necklaces, and cheered as we entered. The energy of this welcome is very different from how we welcome guests in the US."

Pitt students enjoy the double-decker bus tour and UEF welcome party 

Impressed by a Dynamic City with Rich Cultural Value

Embarking on an exciting journey on a double-decker bus, the Pitt students had the opportunity to admire the beauty of Ho Chi Minh City in the late afternoon. With the assistance of UEFers, they also gained more information about the sightseeing spots such as the City Theater, Bach Dang Wharf, Nguyen Hue Walking Street, and more.

Kevin Doerzbacher, excited to share his experience, said, "What an amazing day in Vietnam! There are so many things to explore that I don't know where to start. During the bus tour, we could see much of Ho Chi Minh City. It's incredibly beautiful, with lots of greenery in the urban areas and rivers flowing through the city. However, the most interesting part was witnessing the daily lives of the local Vietnamese people.”

UEF Students enthusiastically help Pitt Students discover Ho Chi Minh City


Henry Lombardi, another Pitt student, also expressed his excitement about the first day, saying, "The first day in Vietnam was truly amazing. The warm welcome from UEF made me and my Pitt friends very excited. During the bus tour, I had the opportunity to talk to a UEF senior named Lucas about life in Vietnam and in my own country. We could see a lot of differences when comparing Ho Chi Minh City to New York."

Sharing his impressions of Ho Chi Minh City, Ian Pervall, a Pitt freshman, stated, "There are many new experiences that I would never have had if I hadn't come to Vietnam and witnessed them myself. One of the most noteworthy was the city tour of Ho Chi Minh City on a double-decker bus. There were many new sights for me, such as different buildings, statues, and numerous shops along the streets."

In the coming days, the Pitt students will have the opportunity to learn about Vietnamese culture and people through courses such as Rural Development Planning in the Mekong Delta Region, Vietnamese Language, Vietnamese History and Culture, along with many other interesting tours and activities. We believe that the remaining days of the Plus 3 - 2024 program will bring many new and unforgettable experiences for UEF and Pitt students.