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UEF alumna becomes a research assistant at US university


As the valedictorian of the Public Relations major in the 2018 cohort at UEF with a maximum GPA, Dang Ngoc Minh Thu continues to pursue knowledge through a master’s program in communications at the University of Texas at Arlington (USA). This UEF alumna is also responsible for scientific research at the university as a postgraduate research assistant. 

At UEF, Minh Thu secured many impressive achievements in scientific research, winning numerous prizes in national-scale competitions and attending the International Scientific Conference. Her passion for scientific research, nurtured during her studies in Public Relations, has driven her towards further breakthroughs in the land of stars and stripes. She earned a variety of prestigious scholarships, such as RAB Student Scholar Program, Danny Woodward in Communication Excellence Scholarship, and Bobbitt Family Endowment from the College of Liberal Art.

Minh Thu is currently studying in a master’s program in Communications at the University of Texas (US)

Pursue a passion for scientific research

Minh Thu has been working as a research assistant since the fall semester of 2023, and has participated in many various research projects with professors, ranging from implementing communication strategies for local government agencies to researching and analyzing policies affecting human rights in Afghanistan. One of her most outstanding achievements is collaborating with a professor on a research project titled “YouTube Use by Local Governments: A Metropolitan Case Study,” which she was honored to present at the 2024 Broadcast Education Association Convention in Las Vegas.

“These experiences provided me with diverse perspectives about the effects and positive support of media in the global context. Concurrently, I enhance skills through a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. I realize that I am fortunate and have a passion for numerical analysis. Currently, my academic goals emphasis on continuing to develop my research skills and analyzing media data,” Minh Thu shared.

Minh Thu continues her passion for scientific research under the guidance of professors in the USA

The UEF alumna also shared that her experiences in scientific research from the university have always served as a crucial foundation for her development in media research. From carrying out group research projects to individual studies, Minh Thu has learned self-reliance and self-management in research projects from the beginning to practical contribution values. Simultaneously, her research journey at UEF has been constantly guided by dedicated lecturers who are always willing to share knowledge and experiences. Besides, connections with experts in various fields provided Thu with a solid foundation and fundamental basic understanding of research. 

 Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc - Vice President and Director of UEF International Institute visited the alumna in the USA  

In a discussion with a professor about a current research project, I had the opportunity to share about my research journey at UEF. The professor was surprised and impressed because students rarely undertake research projects in the media field, especially at the undergraduate level. Following that conversation, the professor suggested I share previous research papers with the Faculty and encouraged me to continue developing community-related topics in America. I am truly delighted and happy for the values I received at UEF, which have always been a fundamental foundation for my self-development and global integration,” Minh Thu expressed. 

Aspire for self-development through numerous new experiences

While pursuing knowledge in an international environment with many new challenges, her fervent desire to develop herself and contribute positive values for society has grown stronger. Over the course of nearly 2 years in the USA, she has had several new and meaningful experiences and many opportunities to explore the diverse cultures in the land of stars and stripes through her travels. 

Minh Thu said: “I have had opportunities to visit more than 10 US states so far through receiving scholarships, participating in learning programs, and practical experiences. In my opinion, every trip is a journey to explore new cultures and people, enriching my knowledge and experience of life.

These experiences helped Minh Thu realize that she still has many things to change and improve, not only in the academic field but also in her daily life. She gained a deeper understanding of the importance of living independently, taking care of herself, and managing emotions to maintain balance and resilience in dealing with life’s challenges. These lessons have heightened Minh Thu’s awareness and determination in her journey of self-development. 

Trips and meetings with international friends brought meaningful experiences to Minh Thu

I have changed myself somewhat over the past two years, still harboring my big ambitions. Meanwhile, I have learned to be flexible in choosing what is suitable for me at the present. I still dream of beautiful things, but now I know how to focus on logic and planning to realize my dreams harmoniously and certainly,” Minh Thu emphasized.

She hopes to contribute to communication research and its practical application, especially in advancing positive communication policies and strategies for the community. Concurrently, her goal includes building partnerships with experts and research agencies to foster self-development and future career opportunities. 

With a spirit of continuous learning and commitment to personal development in an international environment, UEF hopes that Minh Thu will continue to accomplish impressive achievements and reach her goals in the future.


Photo: NVCC