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UEF leaders wrap up UK visit, expand international collaboration opportunities


Recently, the UEF leadership delegation conducted a working business trip to the United Kingdom from March 24 to 29. This trip has opened up numerous opportunities for international collaboration between UEF and Edinburgh Napier University. Furthermore, the delegation also had the opportunity to visit and exchange cooperation strategies with the two current partners, Leeds Trinity University and the University of Gloucestershire.

The UEF leaders had a one-week business trip to the UK


In pursuit of expanding the international learning environment for students, UEF remains committed to continuously seeking and establishing connections with prestigious universities worldwide. In the UK, UEF has established enduring partnerships with Leeds Trinity University and the University of Gloucestershire through international collaborative bachelor's programmes. This business trip serves as a valuable opportunity for the UEF leaders to visit and engage in discussions regarding future development strategies for both sides.

In the working session with the University of Gloucestershire, the UEF leadership delegation extended congratulations to the university’s new Vice Chancellor, Ms. Clare Marchant. Both sides engaged in deeper discussions regarding their collaborative plans and the development of Gloucestershire Vietnam in the future. This occasion provided an opportunity for both parties to reflect on their cooperation journey over the years, identify areas for improvement, and forge ahead with enhanced arrangements. In 2024, the two institutions will advance the implementation of new academic programs such as Logistics Management and Accounting-Finance.

Dr. Kieu Xuan Hung, Chairman; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Xuan Lam, Vice Chairman; Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc, Vice President visited and worked with leaders of the University of Gloucestershire

During the working trip, the UEF leaders also visited the academic progress of UEF students studying at the University of Gloucestershire through articulation programs.

The delegation visited and sent encouragement to UEF students studying at the University of Gloucestershire


Additionally, the UEF delegation had a working session with Edinburgh Napier University, a renowned institution with a long-standing history, located in the capital of Scotland, UK. Discussions centered around forthcoming international cooperation prospects to broaden opportunities for academic activities, field trips, and international exchanges for students across prestigious and well-established universities within the United Kingdom. This is also one of the UEF’s strategic objectives in the effort towards internationalizing education.

The business trip marked significant progress towards the UEF’s objective of globalizing education

The UEF leadership delegation’s working trip to the UK has unveiled numerous avenues to enhance international activities for the university's lecturers and students. UEFers are expected to have more access to interesting and beneficial international activities, diverse semester abroad for exploration and learning on the journey to becoming global citizens.